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The 50-year anniversary

Klaus Schulze's first real concert in front of a few thousand took place half a century ago, on the 15th of February 1973, on stage of the Parisian "Théâtre de l'Ouest" (T.O.P.). The French cultural magazine Actuel organized this outstanding event under the heading Le Rock Allemand.

Concert entry in 'The Works'

Concert announcement (in German)

First band on this evening was Tangerine Dream, followed by Ash Ra Tempel (with KS), and as the final highlight of the evening Klaus Schulze played solo:

Klaus Schulze playing at the concert

A three-minute excerpt of Klaus' part was released on the album set La Vie Electronique 16.

The OHR label's report after the event:

Concert report (in English)

The photo below shows all musicians together after (or before?) this historic event. Sitting on the edge of the Parisian stage are, from left to right: Manuel, Rosi, KS, Hartmut, Edgar, Peter und Chris.

The musicians of the Paris concert in 1973

★ ★ ★
24.08.2023 The KS Circle #312
Issue #312 has been posted to all Circle members. It contains:
  • Alte Aufnahmen nachträglich 'verbessern'?
  • Digital versions of THE WORKS? (paper survives longer!)
  • Where Klaus lived
  • About prices of my books
  • Final issue: Thanks to the members
... and more.

With this final issue vol. 4 of the book series THE ESSENCE OF THE KS CIRCLE is also now available. See https://jeeves.blogger.de/stories/2673276/.
26.03.2023 "The Cello"
From time to time I am asked for a KS album called The Cello.

The Cello was the CD no. 49 in our 50-CD set The Ultimate Edition from the year 2000, with the three tracks:

1. Cum cello spiritu (26:40)
2. Cellingua (27:40)
3. Cello cum laude (24:18)

Later, from 2009 to 2015, all titles from this monumental set were also released on other CDs, mainly in our series La Vie Electronique. Therefore, since 2014 the three long tracks from The Cello are (still today) available on the 3-CD set La Vie Electronique 15.

There is no LP (vinyl) with these titles.
02.10.2022 Some interesting interviews
Just published in the Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine:

Remembering the Great German Electronics Guru
04.08.2022 4th of August is Klaus' birthday
Picture of Klaus Schulze from 1976

Klaus Schulze

4 August 1947 - 26 April 2022

05.04.2022 New Klaus Schulze album scheduled for release at the end of June 2022
Klaus Schulze has recorded a new album! Deus Arrakis is scheduled for release at the end of June 2022 on the SPV label on CD, three LPs and as a "Special Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set" (meanwhile probably completely (?) sold out). It's again based on Frank Herbert's science fiction novel "Dune" and contains three new tracks.

Cover picture Deus Arrakis
20.08.2021 25 years Official Klaus Schulze Website!
Our Official Klaus Schulze Website has been existing for twenty-five years now! On 20 August 1996 it all began with a single page on Compuserve ("http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/lk13/ks.htm"). Now it's around 700 pages altogether, including Klaus Schulze's huge discography and many interview and photo pages.

Domain names were ridiculously expensive at that time, especially the prices of German ".de" domains were horrible, so we waited a year or two until at least ".com" reached affordable regions. Since then, "www.klaus-schulze.com" has been the reliable source of information around Klaus Schulze and his music. No rumours, no gossip, no bling-bling, just facts and information.
03.08.2021 (Only interesting for readers in/around Germany):
Eine Wiederaufführung des Hörspiels "Das große Identifikationsspiel" mit Musik von Klaus Schulze läuft am Freitag, 20. August 2021 um 21:05 Uhr auf Bayern 2 im Radio. Siehe hier: https://www.br.de/radio/bayern2/programmkalender/ausstrahlung-2560426.html

Siehe den zugehörigen Eintrag in The Works:

Excerpt from 'The Works'
30.01.2021 "Klaus Schulze: An Appreciation"
Our American friend for many years, John Diliberto, wrote something very nice about Klaus!
15.12.2020 Berliner Musikgeschichte
Click on the picture to learn more (in German):

Electronic Beat Studio
22.04.2020 Discover Trakl

www.superbooth.com starts their Home Edition programme in the www on Thursday the 23rd April at 14:00 (MEZ). Among the many (?) presentations and performances will be a live concert by a duo who plays Klaus Schulze's composition Discover Trakl, which Klaus originally had composed and recorded in 1978, and released in 2000 in the 50-CD set The Ultimate Edition. There is a video on Vimeo.
05.01.2020 KS featured in Hearts of Space radio show
Since the seventies we have some American friends and fans of Klaus, who were doing a radio program then; ...and they still do it. In all the past 40 years they have regularly played his music. Actually, during this week (from 3rd to the 9th of January 2020), Klaus is again featured in their one-hour radio show Hearts of Space; you can listen to it here!
29.10.2018 For the collector
On 14 December 2018 the SPV label will release three older KS albums anew, this time on vinyl:

Moonlake (2005) SPV 63881 3LP (180 g; gatefold)
Kontinuum (2007) SPV 49391 3LP (180 g; gatefold)
Shadowlands (2013) SPV 260071 3LP (180 g; gatefold)

Each (!) of the three will consist of three (!) black vinyl discs with one long track on each LP side. Three of the very long tracks are split as part 1 & part 2 on two sides, respectively. The respective three sides 6 will be without music, but they possess a wonderful KS logo.
12.08.2018 Another feature & interview
The September issue of The Wire is out digitally (the paper edition will be out in a few days). It includes a surprisingly readable feature on Klaus Schulze.
23.04.2018 A new interview with Klaus Schulze
There is a new interview with Klaus, in the American Keyboard magazine. Beware: Most of it is studio & recording technician jargon...
...but Klaus said also and again something about his condition: "I had to realize it's better for me not going out on the road anymore. My health needs constant supervision, as I have a renal disease, which fortunately is very treatable with dialysis. I do okay staying home..."
11.02.2018 The new KS album Silhouettes has been released!
...as CD, LP and else. Check the dealer of your trust.

Due to health problems, it is a quiet and meditative album. KS describes the music on Silhouettes as "a reduction to the essential things. No great distractions, nothing to force your attention in a certain direction, no major effects or gimmicks, no frills or dominant rhythms. It was important to me to paint the pictures in the depth of the space, the sonic fields of tension and atmosphere."

An old KS photo
photo: kdm archive
08.01.2018 KS reissues on double LPs...
Universal Music will reactivate the old "Brain" label for a bunch of re-releases in December 2017. Among those are a few historic double albums by Klaus Schulze: Cyborg, Audentity, "X", Dziekuje Poland, ...Live... and En=Trance. Furthermore, two old Wahnfried single CD albums will be reissued, also as double LPs: Trance Appeal and Drums 'n' Balls (all without the bonus tracks that the CD reissues have).
07.01.2018 ...and also the single LPs
Fourteen other classic KS albums from the Brain label will follow on vinyl in early February. Have a look at the dealer of your confidence.
13.12.2017 I have just heard the new album by KS!
Yes, there will be one! It has four long tracks, and, yes, his loyal fans who have grown old with Klaus and his music will love it.

I, for instance, love the first track, the title track, a melancholic, soft, environmental sound piece. The other three tracks have sequencers in the "old-fashioned" Schulze way. Partly with a great finale, as in track 2. On the whole it's nothing really "sensational", or "new", and that's why the listeners will enjoy it.

The title of the 75 minute album is Silhouettes, it was recorded in summer 2017, and it will be released in a few weeks (I suppose).
25.10.2017 Sequencers are Beautiful...
...is not only a title by KS (on Big In Japan), but it's also the title of this recent drawing by our friend from Tehran, Mohammad Reza Akbari:

Drawing by Mohammad Reza Akbari
04.08.2017 Happy birthday, Klaus Schulze!
"Ist gar nicht schlimm, 70 zu werden. Viel schlimmer, wenn man's nicht wird."

Happy birthday, Klaus Schulze!
21.07.2017 "Eternal"
The German label MIG announces the release of a double CD for the end of August 2017: Eternal. The 70th Birthday Edition. It's partly a sampler with known titles, and partly it contains unreleased tracks from 2007.

Cover picture
16.04.2017 A note from the webmaster
From now on our website is also accessible via https protocol. Try it out: https://www.klaus-schulze.com and let me know if something unexpected happens. In a few days we will redirect unencrypted requests to the https URL automatically. You don't have to update your bookmarks.
20.08.2016 20 years Official Klaus Schulze Website!
Our Official Klaus Schulze Website has been existing for twenty years now! On 20 August 1996 it all began with a single page on Compuserve (does anyone recall its URL? It started with "ourworld.compuserve.com" and you can still find it mentioned on some web pages on the Net). Now it's around 700 pages altogether, including Klaus Schulze's huge discography and many interview and photo pages.

Domain names were ridiculously expensive at that time, especially the prices of German ".de" domains were horrible, so we waited a year or two until at least ".com" reached affordable regions. Since then, "www.klaus-schulze.com" has been the reliable source of information around Klaus Schulze and his music. No rumours, no gossip, no bling-bling, just facts and information.

The Internet has developed since those times, it's more commercialised than ever, and on many pages it's hard to find the requested information behind all the distractions of any kind. At least it's possible now for people from (almost) every country around the world to get their Klaus Schulze CDs, which sometimes wasn't easy in pre-WWW times. You don't have to ask in a shoe or fish shop anymore if your CD dealer isn't able to order them :-)
13.04.2016 KS concert cancelled, Tangerine Dream playing instead!
Sad news: The concert on 9 June 2016 in Stettin/Szczecin has to be cancelled because of medical reasons. The state of health will not improve in the foreseeable future. Klaus Schulze is in constant medical treatment. (Which is, more or less, the translation from the medical certificate.)

When they have heard of Klaus' serious sickness, Tangerine Dream agreed immediately to play instead in Stettin/Szczecin on the 9th of June. I'm sure that TD (and the Szczecin Filharmonia) will give more info in their websites. (Many thanks to Bianca and also to Georg for their generous help).

Those of you, who would like to attend the concert: TANGERINE DREAM - THE QUANTUM YEARS - IN HONOUR OF EDGAR FROESE are more than welcome. The tickets bought for the Klaus Schulze concert remain still valid.

Those of you, who prefer to return your tickets, please contact the Philharmonic ticket office. Returning tickets bought online should be done via the Internet email address:kasa@filharmonia.szczecin.pl. The refunds will be transferred to the bank account, from which the purchase was made. The refunds will begin on 18. April.
13.01.2016 Another reissue
Starting on 29 January 2016, most of Klaus Schulze's classic albums will be reissued (again), this time on the German MiG label. They will release a couple of Schulze CDs each month until the end of this year. For more info and availability please ask the dealer of your choice.
13.12.2015 R.I.P. Rainer Bloss, 1946-2015
Sad news: Rainer Bloss passed away on 10 December 2015. With Klaus he recorded the two studio albums Audentity and Drive Inn plus an album with concert recordings from Poland 1983 Dziekuje Poland. Furthermore, he made a few solo albums, partly produced by KS: Ampsy, Drive Inn 2 and Drive Inn 3. He has worked later with the German pop band Alphaville.
18.11.2015 Concert sold out!
A Polish friend just checked the Philharmonic Hall's website and he wrote me: "I just saw concert is sold out. Quantity of free places: 0 (zero) Best regards ...."

My answer was: "...and they have not even sent back a contract, which I have sent them already on 29th of April."
02.11.2015 The KS Circle
Many of the old & loyal members were fast: they have already renewed their membership for the year 2016. To all of them I will send the promised free CD-R with formerly unreleased recordings, with the next edition of The KS Circle. Because it were so many (thanks to each of you), just a few of these hand-made CDs are left. Therefore, I decided to fabricate twenty additional copies for the latecomers who are willing to join the Circle in the coming year and receive the monthly reading matter. Strict rule for the free CD-R: First come, first served. Look sharp! When they're gone, they are gone.
26.09.2015 One last Klaus Schulze concert in 2016!
Although KS announced in 2010 "No concerts anymore!", a final concert is planned for 9 June 2016 in Szczecin (Poland), the seaport city at the Baltic Sea at the water mouth of the Oder river, 150 kilometers north-east of Berlin. The Germans used to call the town "Stettin".

Please note: The Concert is already sold out!
01.05.2015 The fundamental things apply, as time goes by
We have added a recent interview to our Interviews section.
19.02.2015 The final La Vie Electronique will come!
At long last, the very last in the LVE series, Volume 16 with five (!) CDs will come soon. The official release date is announced (discreetly) for 29 May 2015. Catalogue number: MIG 01262 5CD.
24.01.2015 R.I.P.
Edgar Froese

(drawing by Julia)

See also this tribute to Edgar, including some words by Klaus Schulze.
08.08.2014 Another teaser for the new Big In Europe Vol 2
Here is another teaser for the new Big In Europe Vol 2, due in September:

02.07.2014 A little teaser for the new Big In Europe Vol 2
Here is a little teaser for the new Big In Europe Vol 2, due in September:

23.06.2014 NEW: All concerts
We have added now a list of ALL of Klaus' concerts.
08.04.2014 La Vie Electronique 15...
...has been released. Please send your comments to kdm.
14.01.2014 Eine angemessene Plattenkritik:
Abschied von der Bühne
12.12.2013 Big In Europe released!
Finally, Big In Europe Vol. 1 has been released!
06.10.2013 Big in Europe delayed again
The release date of Big in Europe has been delayed for the fourth time. Now the release is planned for 29 November 2013...

Cover 'Big In Europe'

In the meantime you can take a look at these little teaser videos:

29.08.2013 "The Bling Ring"
A few seconds of Klaus Schulze's "Freeze" (from Angst) are to hear in the new movie of Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring. On the soundtrack album it's in full length of 6:38.
02.07.2013 "Big in Europe"
The new edition of The KS Circle was posted at the end of July. For its contents please look below.

At the very last minute, before posting it to the subscribers, I had to write and to add the latest news on a separate blue sheet: There will be a new Schulze CD & DVD release, sometime in the next months. The content will be the European concert recordings from September 2009, (Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels), with guest singer Lisa Gerrard.

The amount of the release is still in discussion between KS and the label. In short: The label wants more or less "everything", and KS just wants the best recordings from the approx. 500 minutes of music. In addition to the CDs with the music, there will be DVDs added, with a tour documentation done by film maker James L. Frachon.

The label had announced the release for the 28 June (which was last week), large mail-orders give the "26 July", but KS is sure that it will need some more time.

Of course we will keep you informed, if a realistic release date is in sight and if we know more about the form, volume & contents of the release or releases.

PS of 15 July: Now, German dealers give the release date of Big in Europe as "30th of August".
05.06.2013 Only interesting for German-speaking readers
Mag jemand wissen, was ein führender deutscher FDP-Politiker über die Musik von Klaus Schulze sagt? Hier steht's.
11.12.2012 "L'homme à la tête de Schulze"
The 10-minute long animated film is completed now and the French tv channel Canal+ will air it in January 2013. The title will be: "L'homme à la tête de Schulze" by James L. Frachon. The English title is "In the Moog for Love". Here is the trailer:

04.08.2012 Neither tired nor retired!
Today, Klaus Schulze celebrates his 65th birthday!
03.07.2012 Midi Klassik (only) on vinyl
A Russian label which is specialised in vinyl (LP) re-releases will bring out the album from 1994 which was formerly called Goes Classic. The CD is long deleted. The album has now the title that KS wanted originally: Midi Klassik. The length of its seven titles fit perfectly on the four sides of the two LPs.

This double LP is made with 180 gram high quality virgin vinyl.
See here or here.
Or here (USA).
Or here (GB).

Cover of Midi Klassik
04.02.2012 Original and ...

Original Tonwelle cover Re-released Tonwelle cover

The label's statements for the re-release of the 1981 album Tonwelle by Richard Wahnfried were all wrong from the very beginning and, sadly, their obvious error led (against the publisher's protest) to a bogus release: Their Tonwelle double CD (now sold under the name of Klaus Schulze) contains two modified versions of the original, one is too slow and the other is too low in pitch. The original snappy version is NOT included.

More info & discussion here.
10.10.2011 A short film about Klaus
The French filmmaker James L. Frachon who did most of the films for the recent Klaus Schulze DVDs has just finished the filming of a short film on Klaus. It will be a mixture between live action and animation, a tribute to Klaus' work. This short film will last about 8 minutes and we hope to see it soon.
07.08.2011 R.I.P.
Conrad "Conny" Schnitzler (1937-2011)
29.06.2011 Re-release of Time Actor!
Another long deleted album will be put on the market again. Time Actor, Klaus Schulze's very first album under his nom de plume Richard Wahnfried will be available at the end of July 2011 on British Esoteric Records.

This 32 years old album - released in 1979 on Schulze's own IC label - lives mainly from the striking voice of Arthur Brown. I remember when IC delivered it - together with three other IC albums - to the distribution company, their people in charge actually "hated" Time Actor. Popular music in 1979 was indeed a different one. Today it's a small "classic".

Members of this first Richard Wahnfried albums were: KS (electronics), Arthur Brown (voc), Vincent Crane (keyboards), Wolfgang Tiepold (cello), Michael Shrieve (percussion). The music is completely different from Dune, which KS had recorded with Arthur during the same time.

'Time Actor' cover picture
09.05.2011 US release of Big In Japan
This "American version" of Big In Japan has been officially released in the USA. It contains the same two CDs as the European edition, only the DVD has completely different tracks. Catalogue number: MiG 00410 2CD/DVD.

05.12.2010 European Big In Japan CD set released!
The European release of the Big In Japan CDs/DVD, has finally happened.
08.11.2010 A short film about Big In Japan
There is a short film about Klaus Schulze's Big In Japan concerts and record release by our French friend James Frachon. See it at Vimeo.
25.10.2010 Sold out!
The 500 Japanese Big In Japan sets are now sold out.
28.09.2010 A foreign release is to be announced for September 2010:
A double CD and a DVD will be released in Japan; it contains the audio and video recordings of Klaus Schulze's two Tokyo concerts in March 2010, combined in a luxurious limited edition box with a photo book. It's not cheap (15,000 Yen). More info (in Japanese) here. (Sorry, no, we cannot help you with your order... except for: Go to the home page of the Japanese website and click there for the ENGLISH version)
24.08.2010 Some more KS pictures from the Tokyo Wax museum
We have put some more KS pictures from the Tokyo Wax museum into our photos page.
12.04.2010 The Klaus Schulze Top Ten 2010
In March 2010, the members of The KS Circle and the readers of the KS website have chosen the Top Ten Klaus Schulze albums and titles.
20.03.2010 A new Klaus Schulze poll
Eight years ago we did the last TOP TEN list: Which of the many albums and titles of Klaus Schulze are the most loved?

I will do the 2010 TOP TEN POLL the same way as I did in the past years. You can choose ten Schulze albums (or sets, or separate CDs from the sets) and ten Schulze titles.

You can send YOUR "Top Ten" list (albums as well as titles) to me at the usual address. You can write and send it informal, or you can use and send the wonderful sheet from this PDF.

Please keep to the rules: give only one album and only one music title for each position. As in the former polls, your no. 1 gets ten points, your no. 2 gets nine points, and-so-on, and no. 10 still gets one point. As in the past, please use only the solo albums of Klaus, no Wahnfrieds or whatever. If you have additional questions, don't be afraid to ask me. A look at the existing polls from 1995 to 2002 is maybe helpful.

It would be nice if you can send me your TOP TEN list until the end of March. Of course, if you love only one or two or seven Schulze albums or tracks, then just fill out and give me these one, two, or seven... or four. Or six albums and nine titles, or... I suppose you got the idea now.

I hope that many of you will join in this little game. I promise: It can be fun to think about it: which of the many Schulze CDs that I have on my shelves, which of them I really listen to, more often? And which I do really love?
07.02.2010 Two concerts in Japan!
For the first time, Klaus Schulze will play in Far East:

Saturday 20 March 2010 at 15:00, in Tokyo, Japan
Sunday 21 March 2010 at 19:00, in Tokyo, Japan

For details please check www.schulze.jp (Ticket booking info is in English),

(Klaus Schulze concert dates will be announced here; if other KS concerts are announced somewhere else - or even tickets are offered - beware! It's a fake. A hoax. Another trick to get your money!)
29.09.2009 BBC documentary about KS
The BBC filmed Klaus in August 2009 in and outside his studio (see our photo section). It will be used in a documentary that will be broadcast on 23 October 2009 on British BBC 4 (TV) at 9 pm.The film is called "Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany". You can see already a few snippets here (only if you live in Great Britain).
26.09.2009 The concerts' best
"The best title with Lisa was played in Amsterdam.
The best Minimoog solo was played in Brussels.
The best concert was given in Paris."
(Found somewhere in the Web)

(Remark by kdm: Sadly, the Belgian writer was not at the triumphal Berlin concert!)
17.09.2009 Klaus is currently giving concerts!
Again, the amazing Lisa Gerrard is his guest.

Thursday, 17 September 2009
Warsaw (PL), "Royal Castle; Zamek Królewski"
(This was a closed "official" event. Therefore, tickets have not been freely available.)

Saturday, 19 September 2009
Berlin (D), "Tempodrom"

Sunday, 20 September 2009
Amsterdam (NL), "Melkweg - Rabozaal"

Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Essen (D), "Lichtburg"

Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Paris (F), "La Cigale"

Friday, 25 September 2009
Brussels (B), "Ancienne Belgique"
(Sold out!)

A journalist and Circle member, Wouter Bessels from the Netherlands, reports:

"I just got back from Essen. It was a strange and shocking night.

Klaus Schulze is ill and did not perform at the "Lichtburg". Lisa Gerrard performed a 70-minute solo set, featuring background soundscapes from Klaus' Roland V-mixer, programmed by a crew-member.

At 8.15 PM, the tourmanager told the audience that Klaus was at his hotel and not feeling very well. It was not sure by then whether he would be able to perform later that night, but after Lisa's set, she announced that Klaus was feeling very unwell and that was the end of the concert. She gave a very inspiring performance, very emotional and intense.

I was shocked... after all, after the Amsterdam gig on Sunday I met a very joyful and good looking, but tired Klaus Schulze, who was looking forward to the other gigs of the tour. Monday was a day off and they would head for Essen later on.

...there are hopes that the (sold out) gig in Brussels on Friday will take place. However, nothing is sure at the moment. Whether Lisa will be performing solo in Paris on Wednesday night is not sure either.

Let's all hope that Klaus will recover quickly and send him over all of your best wishes and strength for recovery."

An English written report about the Essen concert is to find at Tokafi.
03.06.2009 Dziekuje Bardzo
The concert CD set Dziekuje Bardzo (Warsaw & Berlin) and a separate concert DVD are now available. The American release has been moved to 13 October 2009.
13.04.2009 Limited Rheingold edition sold out!
The limited edition release of Rheingold as a set (SPV 306070, with two DVDs and two CDs) is sold out. Still available are the separate releases: 306072 (2 CDs) and 306077 (2 DVDs).
15.01.2009 And the Winner is...
No. 1: Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: Liquid Coincidence 7 from Farscape
No. 8: Klaus Schulze: Wotan from Rheingold - Live At The Loreley

(Radio 1 Listeners' Poll)
15.12.2008 Long version of Zenit on CD!
The long (!) version of Zenit by Schiller with Klaus Schulze has also been released on the double CD album by Schiller: Sehnsucht Live (not on the DVD with the same title). This 2-CD contains also a "remix" (09:44) of the much longer Liquid Coincidence 2.
01.12.2008 New CD/DVD Rheingold - Live at the Loreley
Finally, the CD/DVD Rheingold - Live at the Loreley by Klaus Schulze feat. Lisa Gerrard has been released in three versions:

  • 2 DVDs + 2 CDs
  • 2 CDs
  • 2 DVDs

The titles:

CD 1: Alberich (25 min), Loreley (39 min)
CD 2: Wotan (10 min), Wellgunde (15 min), Nothung (11min)
Bonus Track: Nibelungen (31min)

DVD 1: The concert (Alberich to Nothung, approx. 109 min)
DVD 2: Documentary & Interview (approx. 130 min)
01.12.2008 A mail concerning Rheingold
An essential mail came in and it received an immediate answer:

"I have a query about the Rheingold release - can the material (interviews?) be enjoyed by someone who doesn't speak German?"

and thanks for your interest. The music on it is mostly (if not: all) without any words. The bonus material was filmed in England, and the interview with KS was made by an English musician, therefore it is in English.")
18.08.2008 Farscape in the (Polish) charts
The biggest pop cultural mega store in Poland EMPiK lists Farscape in its CD selling charts!
24.07.2008 Just returned from Loreley!
A very spontaneous and immediate report by a Dutch visitor of Klaus Schulze's and Lisa Gerrard's performance at the Loreley festival on 18 July 2008:

"KS' (and Lisa's!) performance in one word: magical.

To start off with, Klaus had the guts to start off so quietly and moving after a full-blown and 'overproduced' set by Tangerine Dream. :-)

The audience was very receptive; loud and cheering in between the various tracks, but quiet and very concentrated during the more quiet and gentle moments. Schulze visibly was having a great time. The main set started off with a variation on "Liquid Coincidence - part 1". After some applause, this was followed by a long piece; Lisa Gerrard joined him after about five minutes. Lots of choir-sounds coming from the Emu-synth and ambience sounds from the Roland JD800, he even did a great Minimoog and EMS interlude, during which the crowd went wild. Then it was time for a short and dark piece featuring only the Emu-choirs and Lisa's pure voice.

Returning alone to the stage, the first encore was a heavy sequencer based track - on request by the audience. This was followed by a solo introduction from Lisa, after which Klaus added some more Emu-choirs. While it was close to the curfew at 01.00 am, there were only some minutes left, but Klaus came back again and played "Breeze to Sequence", the first track of "Live at KlangArt", as the final encore.

I sincerely hope that a DVD will be released of the complete gig, because - and yes, it's true - simply everything of what makes KS' music so fine came along during the performance.

This was a night to remember."

© 2008, Wouter Bessels
08.06.2008 New Klaus Schulze album featuring Lisa Gerrard
The new Klaus Schulze album Farscape with guest singer Lisa Gerrard was released in early July 2008 as a digipack double CD. The CDs contain the seven tracks Liquid Coincidence (Part 1 to Part 7).

Farscape cover
16.05.2008 Audentity at the theatre
Parts of Klaus Schulze's Sebastian im Traum from Audentity is used in the new theatre play "Blaubart" which was premiered on 17 May 2008 in the "Kammerspiele" of Würzburg, Germany. The play (as well as Klaus' music) is mainly based on Georg Trakl's text. Still in the theater's programme is "Rattenfalle", a ballet that also uses music from Schulze's Audentity.

More information: www.theaterwuerzburg.de
09.05.2008 Klaus Schulze featured on German/French arte TV
Some days ago, the German/French TV station arte featured Klaus Schulze in its regular programme Tracks. It will be repeated on Sunday, 1 June 2008, 01:30 am.

It is also possible to watch this programme online. However, this seems only to work for clients of German and French Internet providers.
20.04.2008 News on KS' health
KS is in a good mood and decent health again, but he still has to recover from the sudden sickness. He thanks all the music lovers and friends for the many good wishes.

PS: Since the 3rd of March he hasn't been smoking anymore!
27.02.2008 KS as guest on a "Schiller" release
The new double CD Sehnsucht (with an additional DVD) by the successful German band Schiller includes a track called Zenit (12:48) with guest Klaus Schulze. The additional DVD includes the same track in its full length of 32:43. (Beware: there are various formats available of this release, so better check before buying.)

PS on 4.March 2008: This Schiller album is now no. 1 in the official CD selling charts in Germany!
22.01.2008 1,000,000 visitors of our website!
Congratulation to the person who was numero ONE MILLION in our website (whoever it was)!
22.12.2007 "Schiller" on German "Radio Eins"
Only interesting for people who understand German:

Olaf Zimmermanns Sendung Elektro Beats auf Radio Eins am 26.12.2007 ab 23:00 Uhr ist Christopher von Deylen von "Schiller" zu Gast. In diesem Gespräch geht es auch um Klaus Schulze. Das Interview wird später auch unter www.radio1.de/musik/interviews/ zu hören sein.
01.12.2007 German interview with Klaus Schulze on DVD-R
A German member of The KS Circle has made an interview with KS and he did a video of it. He offers a DVD copy of it. Because the 32-minute interview is completely in German, the interest for non-German speaking members is most certainly very small, and therefore, I go on writing about it in my native German:

Circle Mitglied Georg Abts hat am 15. September 2007 mit KS in Klaus' Studio ein Interview gemacht und es mit einer kleinen Videokamera gefilmt. Er bietet Kopien des Videos auf DVD-R an. Bei Interesse an einer Kopie auf DVD-R bitte melden bei:

Georg Abts
Neusser Str. 5
D-50126 Bergheim
E-Mail: pyonji(klammeraffe)web.de

Natürlich möchte Georg seine Kosten erstattet haben. Versand in Deutschland:10 €, Europa: 15 €, Welt (AirMail): 20 €. Bitte Cash im Brief.

(Im Interview geht's etwa zwanzig Minuten lang nur um die Technik in Klaus' Studio: der neue und der alte Mixer, digital versus analog, externe Effekte, virtuelle Instrumente, analoge Instrumente, die Haptik der Geräte ("nicht mehr so erotisch"), kommende Techniken, Sampling... und dann kommen zum Schluss noch ein paar Minuten nette Worte über andere Musiker.)
24.10.2007 Klaus Schulze at the Night Of The Prog festival
Klaus Schulze will play at the Night Of The Prog on the Open Air Festival stage Loreley (Germany) on 18 July 2008. Another band will be Tangerine Dream. See also: www.loreley-open-air.de/cms/front_content.php (in German, with area plan and how to reach) and www.wiventertainment.de (also in English, with ticket prices, location pics, etc.).

Klaus Schulze expects for his performance Lisa Gerrard as guest singer. They will play as the last act on Friday evening, from approx. 23:15 to 01:00.
11.10.2007 The Biography section
The Biography section is renewed and enlarged with a long text in English and a French translation!
04.09.2007 Contemporary Walks by Matt Howarth

The ten-page comic Contemporary Walks in the booklet of the original Contemporary Works II will not be reprinted in the re-releases of the CDs from this set. In which of the five booklets of the five CDs we should put ten extra pages? Instead, you can look at the comic strip here in the official KS websiste.

Interested parties looking for a high-resolution digital version of the comic (complete with behind-the-scenes Liner Notes) can check: www.bugtownmall.com/New_Matt_Howarth_Stuff.htm for details about Contemporary Walks and other fine publications by Matt Howarth.

23.08.2007 Klaus Schulze special on Berlin radio
The Berlin radio station Radio Eins recently broadcast a two hour special about Klaus Schulze on the occasion of his 60th birthday. You can still listen to it in the radio's archive (Real Player required.)
22.08.2007 A Look Over the Master's Shoulder - A Visit at Klaus Schulze's Studio now online
The final part of the essay The Making Of Electronic Music by Georg "Mr. Modular" Abts, which was published some years ago in The KS Circle, is now online in both English and German language. Check the Miscellaneous section!
05.12.2006 An American online article about Klaus Schulze
The American online music magazine Perfect Sound Forever recently published an article about Klaus Schulze, which is worth reading.
20.08.2006 10 years Klaus Schulze website
Perhaps you have noticed it already: On Sunday, 20 August 2006, the Official Klaus Schulze website celebrated its 10th birthday. On 20 August 1996 we began with a simple page on a private Compuserve homepage with some news and a short biography on it, and step by step this "website" grew and finally became what it is now the Klaus Schulze website with more than 500 pages full of information about Klaus Schulze and his music. (Thank you to Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee without whom etc. etc.) We will continue to provide the most reliable information on Klaus Schulze in an easy accessible and clear way, but of course we're open for suggestions on how to further improve these pages.
04.08.2006 "Krautrock" night on German WDR tv
Something of interest will be on German "WDR" TV in the night 5th to 6th of August 2006. Five hours and twenty minutes of historic Krautrock. Please check:
One week later on 12-13 August 2006 there will be a second night again with more than five hours of nostalgic material. During this programme, the Klaus Schulze track For Barry Graves will be played (approx. 15 minutes). See the playlist at
12.03.2006 Sebastian im Traum used in German ballet
Schulzes music of Sebastian im Traum from Audentity will be used in the ballet Rattenfalle (Rat Trap) by the German Mainfranken-Theater Würzburg. The premiere will be on 18 March 2006. The theatre manager kindly informed us that there will be another twelve performances after the premiere.

More info (in German): www.mainfrankentheater.de
15.01.2006 German TV series about "Krautrock"
After one year of work, it's finished: The German TV station WDR will broadcast a six-hour documentary about German pop and rock music of the 60s and 70s ("Krautrock"). They also found and used many rare or unknown films from this time. The 6th part of the series (broadcast on 17 March 2006) will include a recent interview with Klaus Schulze in his studio and a special TV concert from 29 years ago.

The series will be broadcast in six parts of one hour each Friday at midnight (the time will vary slightly), beginning with 3 February 2006. You will find the exact dates and times on their website (in German)
02.10.2005 New CD!
Klaus Schulze's new CD Moonlake was released on 4 October 2005.
09.09.2005 Klaus Schulze T-shirts available again!
For all those who have ever wanted to wear a Klaus Schulze T-shirt: They will be available again. Made and sold by the record company InsideOut. The last clothes with KS on it were done in the seventies. These are newly made, and they use the logo of the old Mirage cover picture in colour.
08.01.2005 The first four re-releases!
The first four re-releases from the German record company SPV were released in January 2005:

Mirage  (SPV 085-304032 CD REV 001)
"X"  (SPV 089-304042 DCD REV 005)
Dreams  (SPV 085-304052 CD REV 003)
Le Moulin de Daudet  (SPV 085-304062 CD REV 004)

The label is Revisited Rec., which has been erected especially for these Schulze re-releases. It will be (at least) 28 albums, starting with the four mentioned above at the end of January. The next CDs will follow in April, and so on.

The "rare" track Andromeda is included as a bonus in the re-release of Dreams and the "rare" track Ion is included as a bonus in the re-release of Le Moulin de Daudet. Long bonus tracks are also on the re-releases of "X" and Mirage. There will be bonus tracks on almost every re-release CD!
13.12.2003 Manikin Records stops mail-order
Sad news: From 1 January 2004 on, Manikin Records will not sell anymore directly to consumers. You can still use our list of mail-orders selling Klaus Schulze recordings.
12.12.2003 "Artist of the Month"
The Canadian online magazine Audition Musik has chosen Klaus Schulze as "Artist of the Month".
17.08.2003 Audion's opionion about The KS Circle
The outstanding British magazine Audion reports in its recent issue about The KS Circle:

"The ideal compliment to the excellent Klaus Schulze website. If you need to keep up with KS and all that's related, then it's a must. Full of curiosities."
27.04.2003 New opera by KS
Klaus Schulze is working on his new opera. The title will be L'invenzione degli Angeli. It is sung in Italian. The singers are partly the same as on his most recent CD release Contemporary Works II and on his first opera Totentag. A release date is not fixed yet.
08.04.2003 WANTED!
Wanted for The KS Circle: Any article under the heading "Re-listened" (to any of Klaus Schulze's old solo albums). The best of your articles will be published in The KS Circle and a free one year subscription is guaranteed for the VERY best :-) The essay's length can be from one line up to 600 words. Any other interesting article for The KS Circle is also welcome. Seriously or amusing, it doesn't matter. Send it to: kdm@klaus-schulze.com
23.09.2002 Contemporary Works II has been released!
The 5 CD set Contemporary Works II was released on 23 September 2002. It is available from Manikin Records. The price for this set is € 80 in Germany, € 85 in Europe, and € 95 overseas (all prices including postage!).

Orders are taken by: Mario Schönwälder, bank account number: 23333101, bank: Postbank Berlin, bank code: 100 100 10, or cash in a letter, a cheque, or I.M.O. For I.M.O.s and cheques from overseas (America, Japan, Australia, ...) you must add another € 10 to cover Mario's bank costs.

15.05.2002 A note from the Webmaster
Because of the many viruses running around, I have set a filter rule on the webmaster mail account. If you want to write to webmaster@klaus-schulze.com, do NOT attach any files to your mail. Mails with attachments are immediately deleted on the mailserver! Thank you.
20.04.2002 A new Klaus Schulze track
A new Klaus Schulze track has been released on the double CD sampler Manikin Records First Decade 1992-2002 (Manikin Records MRCD 7062). The easy going track (07:35) is called Manikin Jubilee; the CD set is a limited edition of just 777 copies. Available from the usual electronic music CD dealers or directly from Manikin Records.
28.02.2002 Some new photos from Klaus Schulze's studio
We have included some new photos from Klaus Schulze's studio. Check our Photos section.
04.12.2001 The last Tribute CDs
The last 2 dozen CDs A Tribute to KS are available from Manikin Records. After they're gone, they're gone; there will be no new pressing. So, if you missed it, here is your last chance.
08.10.2001 An interview with kdm
Some weeks ago my old friend Archie Patterson from Portland, Oregon (USA) did an interview with me: www.eurock.com/kdm.html
07.09.2001 Klaus Schulze on Austrian TV
The German TV film Klassentreffen will be shown at the Austrian TV channel ORF1 on 11 September 2001 at 9:05 p.m. and on 12 September 2001 at 4:05 a.m. Klaus Schulze on the Vox "Continental" organ (and F.J. Krüger - Fender guitar, "Fred Schnitzel" - bass, Toni Nissl - drums, Marian Gold - vocals) are seen as members of a typical sixties' music combo playing the oldie "Those were the Days." I recommend using your video recorder, because it sounded very funny what Klaus and F.J. told me about it; both spoke about their look, their make-up.

23.07.2001 The Osnabrück CDs are released!
The Osnabrück concert is released on 2 CDs. They are available as usual from Manikin Records. For more details see our Discography section.
17.07.2001 The KS Circle Index
We have put together an index of all issues of The KS Circle with links to those articles which are part of this website. You can find this index in our Offers section.
30.06.2001 Photos from the Osnabrück concert
Claus Cordes shot some brilliant photos of Klaus Schulze and Wolfgang Tiepold during their concert in Osnabrück. You can find them in our photo section
07.01.2001 KS in Beijing, China
KS was asked to do the official music for the real Millenium event on the 31st of December 2000 into the 1st of January 2001. It happened in Beijing, China: Thirty minutes KS music for the main event "New Millenium New Beijing", an exciting light show from 23:40 to 00:10.

This was not a "live" concert but the music was specially composed, played and recorded before by Klaus and then used as playback. The event was shown (at least) on all Chinese tv programmes, and therefore the music of Klaus was heard by approximately one billion people. The artistic director of the event, the light artist Gert Hof, does also the visuals for the German pop group "Rammstein", and he did last year's Millenium Party in Berlin with Mike Oldfield.

Chinese The KS Circle member Jeffrey told us about the Beijing event:

Happy new MILLENIUM!!!! Right now its 00:33 am, 1st Jan 2001. I just watched a bit of the direct broadcast on the Chinese TV, of the light show and, yes, with Klaus Schulze's music. The program started with some Chinese gongs, and then it showed an official greetings of Jiang Zemin (national chairman) lasting for about 5 or 6 minutes, and some parts of celebration of not only Beijing, but also Shanghai and other cities. I could recognise the music that accompanied the lightshow to be KLAUS SCHULZE - some very beautiful sequence, abrupt change of tempo, and some Asian sounding female samples (some male voices as well but sounded a lot more western). This is real kick-ass music!!! Nevertheless, it is sometimes covered by the voice of the television program hosts, so fans interested in a possible nice quality video are bound to find this disappointing. Please Klaus, release THAT piece of music some day! New Years' Greetings from Asia, Jeffrey
25.10.2000 "X" still available as a double CD!
The classical Klaus Schulze album "X" is still available as a double CD (e.g. at JPC). Avoid to buy the album in two separate volumes - the double CD release is much cheaper and doesn't contain the many embarrassing typos. See the review in the British Record Collector, issue 10/2000 (although they too aren't able to write KS' name correctly...)
14.10.2000 An old German interview
We found an old and short interview with Klaus Schulze. It's in German language. KS talks a lot about the IC label.
04.10.2000 New e-mail address!
kdm has got a new e-mail address: kdm@klaus-schulze.com. Please use this address from now on!
10.07.2000 Beginner's Guide to Klaus Schulze
Sometimes we get questions from people who recently discovered Klaus Schulze's music and are wondering now which of his many albums they should try out first. Our new Beginner's Guide to Klaus Schulze is an approach to help those beginning listeners. This pages now include lists of six people from four countries who are very familiar with Klaus Schulze's whole work and who recommend some albums which they regard most suitable for newbies
09.07.2000 Two new Ash Ra Tempel CDs released
Two new Ash Ra Tempel CDs featuring Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze were released on Manikin Records on July 3rd:

Gin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall
03.07.2000 The Klaus Schulze FAQ
Where can I buy Klaus Schulze's CDs? How do I get information about a forthcoming Klaus Schulze concert? These questions and some more are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page which has now got an own entry on the menu bar on the left side
07.06.2000 Our website has moved!
Our website has moved to another server hosted by another provider. Please tell me if you found missing pages or other errors. Thank you.
03.05.2000 Thank you!
We want to thank you again for your (mostly) positive feedback during the last years. The overwhelming majority of our guests love the easy navigation and clear layout of our pages, and many of you have encouraged us not to follow the stupid trend towards blinking images and other useless gimmicks which often lead to unreadable annoying sites and are often only used to cover weak content. You can be sure: Our pages will never use [insert here what you dislike most in the WWW], just because it exists. We won't even use Flash, we leave this to certain fan sites

If you have any comments or suggestions, mail to your webmaster.

31.10.1999 Another remix
Klaus did another remix job. He re-mixed in his studio one title by the pop group "P.F.L." It's not yet released.
17.10.1999 "Web of the Week"
The Spanish "Digital Dance Culture" internet magazine enoff has chosen the Official Klaus Schulze website as "Web of the Week". This encourages us to keep it alive with the freshest and most reliable new about Klaus Schulze on the Web.
08.08.1999 Total Eclipse with Dosburg Online
On the occasion of the total eclipse of the sun on 11 August, a group of Romanian artists will organise a performance art festival in the World Trade Plaza (Part of "The World Trade Centre") in Bucharest. The project will involve a team which will install an inflatable balloon 7 m high, and a screen with dynamic pictures processed by computers. The music that will be played: Dosburg Online.
20.06.1999 Klaus Schulze concert in August
Klaus will give another solo concert on August 21st. Location: Open Air in Cologne ("Kickzone Festival" at Müngersdorfer Schwimmstadion). Klaus will play just 60 minutes.

A notice for the more "classic KS" oriented fans: Forty other acts are signed for the festival, mostly DJs who perform their techno music on four stages. Please expect no "kraut" but today's modern music. Klaus' performance is scheduled to start at 23:30 h. You can find more information (in German) at http://www.livemusichall.de

29.04.1999 Absurdity and Nonsense
There's a new page in our Opinions section which documents some of the nonsense about Klaus Schulze that has been printed in many newspapers, fanzines and other media. Sometimes unbelievable, sometimes really absurd...
05.12.1998 A Tribute to Klaus Schulze is released
The artists on the album A Tribute to Klaus Schulze are: AMP, Laurent Dury, KAZZ, Sanjiva, Kenton Files, Nemesis, Subsonic Affair, Second Culture, Björn Fogelberg, Bondee System, and the "Schulzendorf Groove Orchester". The album has a duration of 78 minutes and is still available from Manikin Records.
08.10.1998 The new Photos section
Our Official KS Website includes now many photos of Klaus Schulze. Yes, we allow the download of these historic pics, but of course only for private use. Journalists who want to use one or more of these photos, should contact me, kdm. It's not that I ask for a fortune for any professional use, I just want to know where and for what purpose it will be used, and later I want an "author's copy" (Belegexemplar) of the printed media.

The list of Klaus Schulze's instruments has moved to the Miscellaneous section.

27.08.1998 Articles about Klaus Schulze in Britain and Japan
The British music magazine The Mix will print a longer article about Klaus Schulze based on an interview with Klaus ...in their November 1998 edition that is already "available as of early September" they told me. Maybe they include a bit of KS music on the attached free CD (probably from Are You Sequenced?).
The Japanese version of the same article will follow in the Japanese music magazine Sound and Recording Magazine, but no publishing date is known yet.
22.07.1998 Klaus Schulze meets Manuel Göttsching
On 18th to 19th July 1998, MANUEL GÖTTSCHING visited Klaus Schulze in his studio to record with him for Klaus' next album(s). We report, when we know more.
06.07.1998 Nipponjin finally re-released
The album Nipponjin by the FAR EAST FAMILY BAND, re-mixed and re-produced by Klaus Schulze in August 1975 (see photo in Jubilee Edition's booklet, page 6) is finally released on CD: Nippon Columbia COCA-15238. Eurock offers it.
29.05.1998 Illegal Russian counterfeit CDs
Very ashamed Russian friends had to report that the Russian black market offers - among the many usual pop and rock and other CDs - also various CDs by Klaus Schulze. They have seen so far Russian made "Limited Editions" of Cyborg, Blackdance, Drums 'n' Balls, the two Body Love, and Timewind...
14.05.1998 Just released in France
The double CD sampler Harmonia, Le Chant des Rêves on French Virgin 8449722. It includes the same excerpt (11:30) of Klaus Schulze's Floating as used on the French sampler The Essential 72-93 from 1993. Other artists on the Harmonia sampler are: Vangelis, Jarre, Enigma, Oldfield, Yanni, Dead Can Dance, Kitaro, Morricone, Vollenweider, Metheny, Nyman, Budd/Eno, and twenty others. All together this sampler contains 33 tracks by 33 artists. The Schulze track is among the many 2 to 5 minute tracks the longest on these two CDs.
03.05.1998 Deep Listenings
Issue numero undici (no.11) of the fine Italian magazine Deep Listenings is released: KS' Dosburg Online is elected among "I dischi migliori dell'anno" (Best Albums of the Year 1997). And Jubilee Edition was elected "Avvenimento dell'anno" (Event of the Year 1997).
13.04.1998 An interesting observation concerning the Cyborg CD release
Ref the Cyborg CD's audio quality (I have access to both Spalax & AVI ones). I checked out the audio range in a physics laboratory using a very expensive audio spectrum analyser on several samples from the tracks. It is not my ears: the CD treble frequencies are definitely down on average by -6 dB to -10 dB compared to the original vinyl LP & Cassette tapes.
Alan Cheshire, Perth (Australia)
13.04.1998 The second comic booklet is released
Comic book graphic master Matt Howarth has done it again, blending his warped fiction with music from the real world, with the authorized featured appearance of ASH RA TEMPEL (Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching) in his latest graphic novel Caroline: Circles vs Squares.
10.03.1998 The Official Ashra Website
If you're missing the Ashra section in this Website:

There is an Official Ashra website now!.

You find everything of the former Ashra section and much more at

19.02.1998 The survey
Thank you for your participation in our survey. Some comments on the results:

  • Many of you have asked for concert dates. You can be sure: We will publish all concert dates in the News section as soon as date, time and location are fixed.

  • There will be no audio clips in our website. Besides the copyright problems, Klaus Schulze's music isn't suitable for short music snippets

  • There is a new Photos section in the website now, including almost 100 pictures

  • Some addresses where you can order Klaus Schulze's CDs are already mentioned in this website's Offers section. In the past, we have published some interesting offers by German mail-orders on the News page; most of the companies also send abroad.

  • We have got a lot of comments concerning the layout and the navigation. Surprisingly, most of them were very positive, some people even begged us not to copy other websites and include Java, GIF animations and other time-consuming stuff. Quoting one of you: "Speed, simplicity, good overview are more important than fancy navigation features.That's why I LOVE this site :-)" We will possibly fix the menu bar on the left side in an extra frame in the future, but in any case we will keep the frameless version as an alternative
24.01.1998 Some facts about Dosburg Online
Ever wondered about the fade-outs and the strange divisions of the titles in Dosburg Online? Read what kdm wrote to a friend who has asked just the same question
17.01.1998 Pour nos amis français
We have included a Klaus Schulze biography in French, written by Bruno Blum for a coming Dictionnaire du Rock
14.12.1997 Only interesting for German-speaking readers:
Die seriöse deutsche Zeitschrift "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" beschäftigt sich in ihrem Dezember 1997-Heft auf 13 Seiten mit "Elektronenmusik", mit Instrumenten wie dem Dynamophone, dem Ätherophon, dem Sphärophon, der Hammond-Orgel, dem Ondes Martenot... Ja, Klaus Schulze kommt auch kurz vor.
11.12.1997 New Wahnfried album is out now
The long announced Wahnfried album Drums 'n' Balls (The Gancha Dub) is now released on the (specially revived) PolyGram label "Metronome". Order no.: 539 653-2.
06.12.1997 Search function
We have included a search function in our website. You can access it via the search button on the menu bar on the left side.Try it out.
26.11.1997 Dosburg Online release in Taiwan
Dosburg Online will be released in Taiwan on the 15th of December 1997 by "UFO GROUP CO TAIWAN", a branch of WEA International. The catalogue number stays the same: 3984 20656-2 The album Are You Sequenced? was already released in Taiwan in early 1997.
24.11.1997 New Klaus Schulze album
The new Klaus Schulze album Dosburg Online has been released on 24th of November 1997 on WEA 3984 20656-2.
30.09.1997 All "Editions" are sold out
Jubilee Edition, Historic Edition, Silver Edition... all three sets are sold out. Completely. The Private Tapes are also sold out. Completely.
21.09.1997 Re-release of Inter*Face now available!
The long deleted album Inter*Face is available again: Manikin Records MRCD 7027
24.08.1997 The annual Klaus Schulze poll
Take a look at the result of the annual poll of Klaus Schulze's most loved albums and titles. It might be interesting to compare this list with the results from 1995 and 1996
11.06.1997 Another Klaus Schulze interview in the Web
Take a look at the very nice interview with Klaus Schulze
20.03.1997 Klaus Schulze in Wax
"Klaus Schulze" can be visited in wax in the Tokyo Wax Museum. If you are in Tokyo the next time, here's the address:

"Tokyo Tower", 4-2-8, Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105.