The KS Circle  

  • What's happening around KS?
  • New CD by Klaus? ...and how to get it?
  • Some interesting interviews recently done?
  • Any concerts in sight? ...where and when?
  • How was it in the old times in the seventies?
  • Which albums & tracks are the most liked?
  • Some interesting new projects in preparation?
  • What's on the coming album?
  • What do other fans think of KS? ... etc.
  • And now, because of less activity of Klaus, I also write somewhat generally about music, mainly if there is any connection to KS. But of course I still remember a lot of our fascinating past and I will continue to mention picturesque adventures, experiences or stories.
  • Contributors with interesting tales to tell are also welcome to write their "KS" stories, old or new.

Since 1974 I have been working closely with Klaus Schulze and people ask me regularly for information about Klaus, and I answered in 99% of all cases, detailed and often in long letters. To make my work a bit easier I have published a regular newsletter since 1995 that I send to Klaus Schulze fans all over the world. If they want it. I produce this regular publication to bring more detailed and correct first-hand Schulze news to you, also because I'm tired of all the nonsense I had (and still have) to read in regular magazines, fanzines and web pages. The KS Circle is written in English, with some exceptions: Special news just for the German public or German interviews with Klaus I print in German of course. A few French quotations or French interviews I print in original French.

For 40 Euros every Circle member receives eleven The KS Circles during a year. Each of these newsletters contains at least 12 pages. They bring news about KS, information on concerts or new CDs, reports about articles in the international press, interviews with Klaus, and much more (Beware: I don't do any promotion for criminal activities such as, for instance: bootlegs and other illegal offers). Also I include some interesting old stories and reprints of old articles, reviews, and other trivia. Finally, all members are invited to supply interesting articles.

In January 2023 our 28th year started with issue no. 302. This period will last until December 2023. Everyone who joins us in the middle of a period, will automatically get the already issued newsletters from the present period. Please contact kdm for conditions.

Look at the KS Circle Index for a table of contents of all past issues.

You can download two samples in PDF format here:
Issue 154 (November 2009)
Issue 233 (January 2017)

There are bound volumes available with "The Essence of The KS Circle". Three volumes, each with 294 pages, 29 x 21 cm, DIN A4. As the original issues, it's written in English & German, with many pics:

Vol. 1: Issues 1 to 88 (chronologically from August 1995 until December 2003)
Vol. 2: Issues 89 to 177 (chronologically from January 2004 until December 2011)
Vol. 3: Issues 178 to 244 (chronologically from January 2012 until December 2017)

See http://jeeves.blogger.de/stories/2673276.