Beginner's Guide to Klaus Schulze  

We know how it is. Here you are, your friend has just played to you a really neat sounding album by an artist you never heard before, and you are just blown away by the sound. Or you heard just the last few minutes of a piece on the radio that had your head spinning. So you stopped the car to make sure you would not miss when the announcer told you the all important piece of information: just who was it that played this mind-blowing piece? And you end up finding out it's by a guy named Klaus Schulze. Of course the announcer mispronounced his name, but after diligent searching in the local mega-CD mart you did manage to find him under "rock" or something. And you also did a search via www.yahoo.com or www.mamma.com on the internet, and it led you to the Klaus Schulze holy grail: the KS Website. But now you realize that your problems have only started. Klaus Schulze has been making music non-stop for over 35 years, and the number of CDs he's managed to produce in that time is mind boggling! You're just a newbie... where to start?

The lists that follow might just hold the answer to your problem. Of course, you will eventually end up buying all of his material, but you really would like to do something more intelligent than just buy his material in same order he originally produced it, or alphabetically by title...

Thomas Beuthe, Canada
Christian Jenisch, Austria (Member of The KS Circle)
kdm, Germany
Mario Schönwälder, Germany (Manikin Records)
Peter Stöferle, Germany (Member of The KS Circle)