The KS Circle Index  


Next Year
Issue 1
14 pages
o Intro: why? what? & some rules
o KS in British "Top 100..."
o Absurdly high prices asked for "Silver Edition"
o ... & announcement of "Historic Edition"
o New "Wahnfried" album
o Who the hell loves modern operas?
o Reviews "Das Wagner Desaster Live"
o Reviews "KS Goes Classic"
o Announcement about CD release of "...Live..."
o KS the number 1 in a German annual radio poll
o Collection of press articles, all from 1994/'95
o odds & ends
   Info about "In Blue"
   KS worked with "Snap!"
   "Dune" & "The Future" are ambient classics
   Musik sollte niemals harmlos sein (German)
   Klaus got some guitars from Hohner
   "The Works" now with 166 pages
   Offer for last copies of "Silver Edition"
   Concert in Derby announcement
   Vinyl LPs offer
o Poland tour announcement
o KS remix of a Gudrun Gut / Blixa Bargeld title
o All reactions to "Totentag"
o Available KS albums at present time
Issue 2
14 pages
o Intro, English? German? & how to write me a letter
o Some useful addresses: Ultima Thule
o Some useful addresses: Manikin Records
o Concert announcement for Derby/England
o Photo listing for "Historic Edition" booklet
o Corrections of few misprints in Silver and Historic Edition
o British "Moondawn" CD release has the same "fumbling" as German release
o Four short statements by KS
o Three press quotations
o German Techno magazin writes silly things (German)
o "Strange but true", a fan's short story
o KS' instruments (list)
o odds & ends
   Statistics: Beatles vs. Silver Edition :-)
   "Stockhausen" as synonym
   A Top Ten list
   Poland tour cancelled
   New studio work as "Wahnfried", with Jörg Schaaf
   Sampler "2001" still available
   Techno sampler "Mega Dance Hits" includes a KS track
   Thanks to the Freeman Brothers
   "Beyond the Horizon" magazine needs photos
   Thanks to a Circle member
   KS works again on some "classical" tunes
   No reaction to KS' little poem in "Historic Edition"?
o From German book about KS, kdm's story in English (Part 1)
o Cartoon "Die Teutonischen Ritter" / "Les Chevelus Teutoniques" (German AND French)
Issue 3
14 pages
o The different "Trancefer" LPs
o Updates for "The Works"? No!
o Top Ten albums 1995
o The story about the "Conquest of Paradise" single
o Japanese CD releases
o Silly ratings on British CD releases
o Promotion for Manikin Records
o From German book about KS, kdm's story in English (Part 2)
o All reactions to "In Blue"
o odds & ends
   Klaus' CD output
   French radio with KS music
   Mario Schönwälder's address
Issue 4
26 pages
o Intro, incl. "what we need for a concert"
o Seventies' memories by an American fan
o The concert in Derby/England, details
o A journalist excuses for his stupid review (German)
o Top Ten 1995 (more details)
o Discussion in the internet: KS vs. Tangerine Dream
o Offer: "Moondawn" CD release without the "fumbling"
o Russian sampler in the making
o From German book about KS, kdm's story in English (Part 3)
o odds & ends
   "Go" on CDs?
   Some vinyl & CD offers
   "Die Sonne" remix
   Olaf Zimmermann's radio show
   New record contracts
   Japanese magazines report about KS
   American release of most of KS' albums
   German re-start of movie "Angst"
   KS sold some equipment
   TV documentary (with KS music) receives a prize
   English translation of two little parts in the German KS book
o All reactions to "Historic Edition"
o Available KS albums at present time