Historic Edition

Klaus Schulze: Historic Edition

»Bin total begeistert«
(O. Z., ORB radio, Germany)

»... Quite a surprise, and based on the playing of the first volume, I'm frankly blown away. I will give it a lengthy review in issue #9, due out around June.«
(D. B., "i/e", USA)

»I listened to Box One so far and it's very "cosmic", ha, ha! I'll write more comments when I have time to breathe and listen properly. I'm sure the fans will be THRILLED!!! Congratulations on a great documentation of the master's "golden era"«
(A. P., "Eurock", USA)

»It is literally a portrait of the development of the art of synthesizer music in the pop ear. Klaus is certainly a master and the Historic Edition proves it!«
(again A. P., "Eurock", USA)

»Historic Edition - what an experience! What was it, that KS had back in the seventies? He revealed such a sense of beauty... To listen to Schulze's music is to initiate a voyage of discovery from which one returns with a clearer perception of the world and of him- or herself.
The Historic Edition is an unforgettable experience that documents a style of music that only a few artists have accomplished, a style of mental music that demands not only for one's full attention, but also the training of one's acoustic perception. The result is a higher consciousness. Thank you, kdm, for putting it all together. And thank Klaus for me, for doing it.
I'm so thrilled with the Historic Edition, that I'm making a special set of 5 radio programs only with its music...«
(D. M., "Rádio Baía", Portugal)

»The Historic Edition is nothing less than phenomenal! Full review will appear in Audion #32«
(Besides, Historic Edition is number 1 in AUDION's "Top 25")
("AUDION", Great Britain)

» ... Who better to release a ten-disc set of recordings from the "golden age" of electronic music than one of its pioneers? Obviously, no one. When you want all ten of those discs to contain some truly outstanding material, you need look no further than Klaus Schulze. Following the success of Silver Edition, Schulze and Klaus Mueller have given us Historic Edition ... a chance to hear where it all began. From Schulze's first experiments with a Teisco organ in 1968 to his first step into the digital domain in 1981, his influence over the next two generations of electronic musicians can be heard. ... Listening to these is like watching a painter experiment with colors for the very first time but with the opportunity to see where the experiments eventually led. Historic Edition will offer you the chance to relive some of the the finest moments of an artist whose influence can be seen far and wide in today's musical spectrum ... «
(C. L., "Beyond the Horizon" and "Synthesis", USA)

» ... Dieser Set ist ein absolutes Muß für jeden Fan der elektronischen Musik, der sich hauptsächlich für die siebziger Jahre interessiert ... Klaus Schulze hat mit dieser Aktion garantiert einige Fans dazugewonnen.«
(U. Z., "Cascades", Germany)

»Der Fernseher blieb in dieser Woche nahezu unbeachtet, nur der CD-Player hatte Schwerstarbeit zu leisten. ... Wer, wie ich, die elektronische Musik der 70er Jahre besonders liebt, der kommt hier voll auf seine Kosten. Es ist nahezu alles vertreten ... Eine wirklich ausgezeichnete Zusammenstellung bisher unveröffentlichter Schulze-Musik. KDM kann man einfach nur DANKE ! sagen.«
(F. P., "Cascades", Germany)

»... Apprendre que Klaus Schulze sort un coffret de dix CD de ses meilleures bandes de concerts et d' enregistrements jamais édités, n'est pas une petite nouvelle: c'est l'inimaginable qui se réalise. Klaus Schulze et Klaus D. Mueller nous offrent, purement et simplement, ce qui va de devenir l'objet à la plus grande valeur historique de l'histoire de la musique électronique. ... Le coffret écouté CD après CD, renforce l'impression d'homogénéité de l'oeuvre du créateur allemand. ... Le morceau I sing the Body Electric est très impressionant par la fantastique maîtrise de Schulze sur le son et l'émotion. ...Schulze est un magicien ...un musicien hors-normes. Schulze crée une musique spirituelle ...une sensibilité complètement surnaturelle. ...«
(B. L., "KS Mag", F)

»Historic Edition: war een treffende titel voor deze 10 Cd set. Echte historische, om niet te zeggen legendarische opnames. Het concert in de Sint Michielskathedraal had inmiddels mythische vormen aangenomen. Nu is het voor iederen beschikbaar. Zelf mocht ik in 1981 het concert in Leiden bijwonen. ... Ongelooflijk wat deze muziek ny bijna 14 jaar weer bij je losmaakt. ... Deze uitgave is voor de geschiedenis van de elektronische muziek een onmisbaar document. De gouden jaren van onze muziek worden er perfect in samengevat. ... De Historic Edition is gewoon verpflichte kost voor elke zichzelf respecterende liefhebber van elektronische muziek.«
(M. H., "KLEM", Netherlands)

(Résumé after a three page review:) »... Basically, the music here falls into three categories: excellent music which is a pleasure to hear (the majority), interesting music which shows some of Schulze's experiments at an early stage and is therefore of historical and musicological interest (a substantial minority) and a small amount that falls into neither category. The Historic Edition is on a similar scale as the Silver Edition but is a completely different animal altogether. The Silver Edition was mostly new material stretching even Klaus Schulze's horizons. The Historic Edition is archive material of largely documentary value in its entirety. That is contains some fantastic music besides is a bonus. ...should be approached as a valuable historical archive of a unique talent which has dominated electronic music for nearly 30 years. (*****)«
(R.M. "Space Rider", Great Britain)

»...oltre 12 ore di pura musica cosmica con brani scelti nell'immenso archivio di Mueller, sia live che in studio. ... provocante forti e belissimi emozioni ... il Maestro riesce a creare un brano che riuscirebbe ad ipnotizzare anche la persone più refrattaria! La stesso Klaus Mueller scrive al riguardo: "after six minutes Klaus flies high!"«
(G. Q., "Deep Listenings", Italy)

»... una buona qualità tecnica nonostante l'età dei nastri. ... Grande brani anche questi. Che dire? Niente, vi risparmio i commenti, che peraltro potreste immaginare benissimo. Benedetto Klaus D. Mueller... Nel 1997 Klaus compirà 50 anni. Mueller ha annunciato Jubilee Edition, altri CDs inediti con il meglio del meglio. Benedetto Klaus D. Mueller.«
(G. G., "Deep Listenings, Italy)

» . . . So, here it is, 12½ hours worth, and every track a classic. It's ironic really, that the best TANGERINE DREAM could come up with is the Tangents 5CD set, of which only one CD contained original unreleased material, and of that only one track of merit.
Klaus D. Müller should be congratulated for such a great historic tome, he and MARIO SCHÖNWäLDER too for daring to release it, all proving Klaus Schulze to be one of the most radically innovative and influencial composers of the last three decades.«
(A. F., "Audion", Great Britain)

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