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Issue 22
20 pages
o Wahnfried "Drums'n'Balls" released
o More reactions to "Dosburg Online"
o Paul-Mac Cathy, Mike Jager, Pink Freud, and Klause Shutze
o Authors Cope & Stump's mental derangement ("The postwar German kids...")
o The results of our KS cover poll, incl. a "Dirty Harry" quotation (German WITH English)
o How covers are done, and other related thoughts (article)
o odds & ends
   Another "Jubilee Edition"
   About "Chill Out"
   Coming release of "Ashra - Sauce Hollandaise"
   Rare CDs to win
   Article in magazine "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" (German)
   Arthur Brown's IC album re-released
   If you read nonsense in other magazines... (German)
   Quotations: Steve Reich vs. Woody Allen (German)
   Gidon Kremer quotation
   "Es gehören immer zwei dazu, damit einer ein Genie sein kann" (German)
   The results of a survey among the users of our KS website
   "Can KS send me a recorded sample of his speech?" No.
   "Feed your head"
o Chronological list of all KS titles (from "The Works") *****
o KS biography (French)
o All reactions to Wahnfried "Drums'n'Balls"
o Photocopy of an old commentary on a lousy magazine article about Tomita (German)
o Funny photo (strange men congratulate kdm)
Issue 23
12 pages
o What happened during the mastering of "Dosburg Online" (German AND English)
o Ashra "Sauce Hollandaise" text and CD offer
o Short list of all KS concerts (from "The Works")
o Old document: "no tour anymore" (1988)
o Report about Spanish tour 1991
o Report about Spanish tour 1991 (German)
o odds & ends
   Does KS play Techno?
   "P.O.E.M." was first seen where?
   Some shops' special low price offer for historic KS albums
   The no. 1 website
   KS was asked to remix a poor German singer, and I was asked...
   "The Works" has now 240 pages and the price is...
o Old document: Tour schedule for "Chip Festival 1982"
Issue 24
14 pages
o English translation of the German interview parts contained in "Jubilee Edition"
o A fan's adventure while playing "Moondawn" in an Islamic country
o About "deleted" albums
o German interview from January 1984 (German)
o odds & ends
   Answer to "Does KS play Techno?"
   Doofe spanische Bühnenhelfer (German)
   Why I don't re-type and print a very long album review by a fan
   Ashra website opened
   Quotation of short KS article in a German newspaper (German)
   A reader's search for like-minded
   What became of Richard and Max?
   "Go Live from Paris" track lengths
   KS Alben auf Vinyl, Second-Hand-Katalog (German)
   KS will be in a radio show with a valuable give-away
o Photo: KS at his synthesizer school
Issue 25
12 pages
o Intro
o Klaus' studio in April 1998 (listing)
o American magazine "Beyond the Horizon" ceases publication
o Little KS quiz at "Radio 1" (German)
o The audio quality of "Cyborg", LP and CD compared
o Second American comic book with KS
o All reactions to Ashra "Sauce Hollandaise"
o odds & ends
   Good article seen about the roots of Electronic Music
   Sampler "2001" still available (German)
   The Circle's period now from January to December
   A mention and quotation of KS
   Our website's statistic
   Beeinflussen die Instrumente KS? (German)
o Photocopy of KS' playlist for "Klaus Schulze Special" at "Radio 1"
o Old document: KS' handwritten biography, 1974 (German)
o Old document: Fragment of a KS article about synthesizers, 1975/'76 (German)
Issue 26
12 pages
o Illegal Russian counterfeit CDs
o Nonsense promotion by French record company
o German translation of profound Italian article from 1977 (German)
o odds & ends
   Italian magazine about KS CDs
   About P.D.Q. Bach (has nothing to do with KS)
   Rare KS records for sale
   Some re-mix jobs of KS
   I enjoyed "Jubilee Edition" myself
   French sampler
   Literatur-Tipp "Unsere Erde ist..." (German)
   100 photos will be put in the KS website
   About various languages in the Circle
o Long list of albums that used the fashionable Moog synthesizer in 1969-'75
o Old document: Homemade promotion blurb in 1984
o Old document: Promotion blurb for "En=Trance"
o Photocopies: Pics from a comic with KS, Manuel & kdm
Issue 27
16 pages
o "Synthi Anton", a comic by KS and Harald Grosskopf from 1977
o David M. Cline: The authorized live releases, part 1 (article)
o KS' France tour 1977 (German, translated from a French article)
o Poems from the book "Cyborg", dedicated to KS (Portuguese)
Issue 28
18 pages
o odds & ends
   Neither Beethoven nor Brahms or Wagner played in America... (German WITH English)
   Goettsching in KS studio
   Robert Schroeder release with photo of KS
   KS has nothing to do with a CD called "Drive Inn 3"
   Listen loud to "Drums'n'Balls" (German AND English)
   French sampler sold 200,000 copies
   Planned KS video is too bad for release
   KS website is two years old now with 40,000 visitors
   "The Best of The Private Tapes" & 4 old A.R.T. albums released in the USA
o Interview from June '98
o A dealer asks for immense sums for our deleted sets
o Correction of a wrong location given in "Jubilee Edition"
o Top Ten 1998, detailed results incl. the "special mentions"
o The authorized live releases, part 2
o Old document: KS & Hendrix' thoughts
o Old document: Article about KS at Hanover Industrial Fair,1973
o Old document: "Cyborg" review (Italian)
Issue 29
10 pages
o Intro
o odds & ends
o First announcement (and reasons for) for "The Ultimate Edition"
o Detailed offer for "The Ultimate Edition"
o odds & ends
   Brit mag writes positive about KS
   Japanes mag will contain a longer feature
   Englishman thanks KS in his PhD thesis
   What are the track durations on Virgin's "Blackdance"?
   Interim info about the KS Tribute album
   KS sent me his planned new album on CD-R
   A Japanese musician about KS (German AND English)
   One of KS' remixes for a pop group is released now
   Announcement for Bologna solo concert
   The German L&P mail-order is much too slow (German)
o Why is an old album deleted? (article)
o "Electronic Music" is no four-letter word anymore
o "Electronic Music" has finally won
o We only do business with professional concert promoters
o Available Schulze albums (recent updated list)
o Document: My scribblings about the tape contents for "Historic Edition"
o Document: My scribblings about the "Jubilee Edition" track "National Radio Waves"
Issue 30
26 pages
o Three new books (with a bit of KS) (German WITH English WITH French)
o odds & ends
   Bologna concert, more details how to get tickets
   "First three years Circle" offer
   The lengths of the "Blackdance" tracks
   100 photos in the website now
   Free give-away: new Pierre Henry CD, far behind avantgarde
   A huge website shows absurdly wrong "Klaus Schulze" photo
   If you write me...
   If Circle members search for a deleted album...
o Another new book: Guinness Rockopedia
o Reactions to a pop single (KS remix version) (German)
o 1983: KS should play "Motorhead"?
o Journalists' arguments against KS (German)
o Electronic music has finally won; examples (German)
o Obscure Russian article
o Track listing of CD 50 of "The Ultimate Edition"
o Lyrics of "Klaustrophony", 1986
o "A Tribute to KS" track listing & booklet text
o Short chronological list of all titles by Ash Ra Tempel ...
o The file structure of the KS website
o The authorized live releases, part 3
o Who is David M. Cline?
o About the form of "The Ultimate Edition"
o Index for Circle nos. 1-30