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Issue 5
14 pages
o Wahnfried: "Trance Appeal" released
o More about the Russian sampler
o Many useful addresses
o "Klem" Mumpitz (German)
o "The Works" offer, with sample page
o From German book about KS, kdm's story in English (Part 4)
o odds & ends
   New solo album will come
   About Guy Evans (VdGG)
   Some answers to a Circle member (a letter)
   Thanks to the Freeman Brothers
   Virgin CDs out of print in USA
   French mag reports about KS
   "Moondawn (The Original Master)" on many radio stations' playlists
   Another sampler out
   Polish postcard releases
   The "Supplement" track on "Moondawn (The Original Master)"
   French Spalax label steals "Inteam" logo
   A KS sweat shirt?
   An das Rückporto denken! (German)
o All reactions to "Moondawn (The Original Master)"
o Photocopy: "Moondawn" recording scribblings
Issue 6
20 pages
o Intro
o odds & ends
   "Die Sonne" remix in shops now
   Olaf Zimmermann's radio show: Two KS CDs in annual charts
   Some fans want contact
   KS interview in huge German magazine, about Techno
   British and Dutch mags print KS interview and article
   We have nothing to do with Kistenmacher's label
   Historic KS very short on French TV
   KS produced a newcomer for a German music magazine & hardware company
   Circle statistics
   The readers should write for the Circle
o Old "Ohr" label promotion story
o KS gets a music award from a neonazi
o Schulze with Ash Ra Tempel (live 1971 + '73) on 5 of 6 CDs "The Private Tapes"
o Ashra "The Private Tapes" offer
o From German book about KS, kdm's story in English (Part 5)
o Drawing of Klaus' 1976 equipment (by H. Grosskopf)
o All reactions to Wahnfried's "Trancelation"
o Full KS article from British music magazine, February 1996)
o KS "I don't shave" photo
Issue 7
12 pages
o Intro, some thanks
o Historic KS T-shirts offer
o A new generation: Trance and Techno
o The "Kiss" system for "Moondawn (The Original Master)" (explanation for the deaf and blind)
o Journalist mit "Unterhaltungswert" (German)
o odds & ends
   "Le Moulin de Daudet" CD deleted
   Spanish sampler with one KS track
   Two Spanish books
   Interview in Spanish magazine
   kdm story printed also in Italian magazine
   Three KS albums in little Polish magazine's charts
   KS "discography" :-) in American magazine
   KS met Kraftwerk
   More about "The Private Tapes"
   If Circle members want to write articles...
   Book (about the internet) recommendation
   Very short description of "Barracuda" movie
   Another KS interview will be in another German Techno magazine
   I don't print ads for illegal products
   About membership in "The KS Circle"
o Mysterioso: "Colours in the Darkness"
o Article by David M. Cline: "Vocals in Klaus Schulze's Music"
o KS interview, January 1996
o Announcement for album "Are You Sequenced?"
o 2 alte Geschichten von Fans: Dresden Konzert '89 (German)
o Photocopy of French 1973 concert contract
Issue 8
14 pages
o Intro, with small printing error correction
o Reactions to the Derby concert
o Wahnfried "Trance Appeal" released
o Wrong internet info by fans
o From German book about KS, Wolfgang Layer's "Berlin scene" story in English (First of two parts)
o English translation of what KS said briefly in an interview in 1970
o Books that mention KS (from "The Works")
o odds & ends
   Offered T-shirts are all gone
   Spanish fan wants contact
   "Historic Edition" in American magazine's 1995 Top Ten
   "The Private Tapes" CDs released now
   About the colour photos in "The Private Tapes"
   Another American sampler
   ...and another sampler
   What do you want me to print in the Circle?
   Rosko Gee (ex "Go") now regularly on German TV
o Top Ten inquiry
o Drawing by KS: How to make an echo
o Index for Circle issues 1-8
Issue 9
18 pages
o Intro, incl. some essentials
o An "idiot number" on Wahnfried CD
o Short interview quotation
o Vintage live power on "The Private Tapes"
o "The tall and elegant K.D.M." :-)
o Techno (French + German, WITH English)
o Believing is not knowing (by O.B. Server)
o Jubilee Edition offer and listing
o From German book about KS, Wolfgang Layer's Berlin scene story in English (2nd - last - part)
o Top Ten 1996, detailed results
o odds & ends
   KS on short visit in Berlin
   An American sampler
   Another fans wants contact (German)
   Six (!) of KS' CDs again in little Polish magazine's charts
   Dutch school book mentions KS
   Italian mag prints a strange "Kraut" article
   Good reception from the press since quite a while
   Schulze does not write articles
   German "Keys" mag has article, interview & KS track on CD-Rom (German WITH English)
   New KS photos available from Claus Cordes (German AND English)
   An article in a German Techno magazine (German)
   Even a large Swiss housewife magazine writes about Techno & KS
   Kurz & doof (another short mention in a German magazine) (German)
   Kunstkopf recordings from 1974 & re-release of "Sand"
o Photocopy: Kanzlerfest invitation
Issue 10
16 pages
o Intro, incl.: about copyright in the internet
o What to observe while producing "Jubilee Edition"?
o English translation of "X" booklet text by KS
o Announcement of own KS website
o Sehr sarkastischer Humor? (German)
o Husband David M. Cline tries to order "Jubilee Edition" :-)
o All reactions to Wahnfried "Trance Appeal"
o odds & ends
   A Circle member about "Kurz & doof" (German)
   German "Keyboards" prints first part of big KS Interview, with quiz (German)
   A new Italian book
   New: Our own KS website & kdm's e-mail address
   Italian magazine writes about KS
   Offer: Historic rock magazines
   About German/English writing in the Circle
   You have to put some love into your work
   Track listing of "Are You Sequenced?"
   KS does not participate in a chaotic Techno festival
   Another re-mix job
   Offer: Mixing console & 2" studio tapes
o Drawing of statistics: KS concerts and album releases 1970-'96
o A document: Concept for planned IBM computer music sampler
o A document: Bob Moog's short message to KS
Issue 11
26 pages
o Reviews, from "Irrlicht" to "Dune" (various languages)
o Newspaper & magazine headlines (various languages)
o Photocopy: Silly "Cosmic Couriers" LP insert by Gille (German)
o Photocopies: Backstage stage passes for both "Go" concerts
Issue 12
10 pages
o Intro, incl. how the Circle is put together :-)
o Offers: Old music magazines, tickets, and a "Mirage" plastic bag
o Promotion for Mario Schönwälder
o English or German titles for KS music?
o The "Schulte phaser"
o The first professional video clip of KS
o "Are You Sequenced?" is the Derby concert, more or less
o Plenty of interviews given in Germany (German AND English)
o English translation of kdm's "X" booklet text
o All reactions (so far) to "Are You Sequenced?"
o Announcement for "Inter*Face" re-release
o odds & ends
   From a Kitaro interview (English WITH Spanish)
   Rare "History" promotion sampler to sell
   Comic book still available
   About "All Reactions to..."
   Sending old copies of "The Works" to Russia?
   Three contemporary reviews about "Inter*Face" (German WITH English)
   French little book "Klaus Schulze: A Leap in the Dark"
o Photocopy: DJM promotion (for never officially - on DJM - released KS album)
o London concert flyer, 1977
Issue 13
16 pages
o KS: "We set up this thing together..."
o Silly German article (German WITH English)
o ditto ("Rolling Stone Magazine") (German AND English)
o Jubilee Edition = A crazy idea?
o Record company Metronome closed down
o Announcement of a special & long concert at a Berlin radio station (German WITH English)
o All reactions to "Are You Sequenced?"
o Listing from "The Works": KS in moving pictures and videos
o odds & ends
   "Historic Edition" sold out
   Germans can write me in German (German)
   Which are your favourite non-KS albums?
   A joke: USA vs. Yoghurt
   Announcement of book "A Crack in the Cosmic Egg"
   Radio "ffn" & NDR radio: Schulze specials
   French fanzine writes about KS
   The KS re-mix of "Armageddon Dildos"
   We're looking for film footage of KS
   Sign of life: Ernst Walter Siemon
   "Jubilee Edition": Where to get the free time to listen?
o Old "Ohr" promo blurb about Paris concert 1972
o Recording/mixing sheet of "Inter*Face"