Wahnfried: Trancelation

»Thank you very much for Goes Classic and Trancelation. Both are excellent.... I enjoyed Trancelation. It's the best Wahnfried since Tonwelle. The rhythm section and cute sequences are really appealing...«
(P. Johnson, radio, Australia)

»The Essential 72-93, Le Moulin de Daudet and Trancelation, all of which are excellent. Trancelation I have listened to a few times and I'm getting to like it. I can see now what you were telling me last year that it would be completely different from anything you have previously done.«
(D. Roberts of "Space Rider", Great Britain)

»The guy on the white keys is really great! All kidding aside, I found the album to be conceptually entertaining. It seems more upbeat than previous Wahnfried releases, and rhythmically aggressive. In other words, something for everybody, a segue for all occasions. One never knows what to expect from Klaus next. It sounds like he and U.W. and Georg had a lot of fun doing this project. The teens should really love it!«
(B. Kettlewell, USA)

»Trancelation - The nail on the coffin, this is literrally the most horrendously bad album Klaus has ever come up with. Even as far as 'ambient house' music goes, this is deadly boring, using all the techniques I hate in modern music... Still trying to recover from the shock: «
(A. Freeman, Great Britain)

»...zeigen, wie fließend die Grenzen zwischen Techno, Trance, Rock und Electronic Music sein können. Angereichert wird das innovative Potpourri von ungewohnten Sounds und Samples der Firma Überschall...«
("Musikwoche", Germany)

»Was diese CD an Musik offeriert, hätte der normale KS-Konsument in keinster Weise erwartet. Trancelation ist eine, nein, ist die geniale Mischung aus purem Technobeat und sphärischen Trance-Klängen, das Ganze noch versetzt mit den Schulze-typischen Sounds und Klangfontänen. ... Davon könnte so mancher "Künstler" der aktuellen Musikszene noch was lernen.«
(S. Thieme, "Cascades", Germany)

»Trancelation is Klaus' variation of the current ambient music craze. In many ways it's a return to his earlier roots as he did extended electronic undulations all the way back when.«
("Eurock", USA)

»Le vieux pape de l'électronique a laissé tombé sa lourde tiare et s'est translaté vers d'autres espaces... Et c'est beaucoup plus fun que lorsqu'il pontifie tout seul durant des heures.«
(B. Heuzé, "Keyboards", France)

»Je dis trois personnes, car si K.S. est trés présent dans plusieurs morceaux, où l'on reconnait ses sampling symphoniques ou ses soli arabisans, la plupart du temps on le devine plus discret. A défaut d'avoir un Schulze solo, on a un excellent WAHNFRIED, qui bien que différent est d'aussi bonne facture que les précédents.«
(P. Lamon, "Rubycon", F)

»Avec ce WAHNFRIED c'est la catastrophe! Voilà un disque de techno-ambiant comme il en existe des tonnes! ... Que les journalistes cessent de lui parler de "Trance music" et de "Techno"! Schulze est plus inspiré, quand il parle de BEETHOVEN et de WAGNER. ...«
(D. Roux, "KS Mag", F)

»...most of it sounds like a relic rather than a hip statement. ... Thematically, Trancelation indicates a different path for Schulze, one which he might pursue with the same progressive mindset and intuitive zeal as that which has brought him his current status.«
(D. Bergstein, "i/e", USA)

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