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Latest News
The KS Circle #312
Issue #312 has been posted to all Circle members. It contains:
  • Alte Aufnahmen nachträglich 'verbessern'?
  • Digital versions of THE WORKS? (paper survives longer!)
  • Where Klaus lived
  • About prices of my books
  • Final issue: Thanks to the members
... and more.

With this final issue vol. 4 of the book series THE ESSENCE OF THE KS CIRCLE is also now available. See https://jeeves.blogger.de/stories/2673276/.
"The Cello"
From time to time I am asked for a KS album called The Cello.

The Cello was the CD no. 49 in our 50-CD set The Ultimate Edition from the year 2000, with the three tracks:

1. Cum cello spiritu (26:40)
2. Cellingua (27:40)
3. Cello cum laude (24:18)

Later, from 2009 to 2015, all titles from this monumental set were also released on other CDs, mainly in our series La Vie Electronique. Therefore, since 2014 the three long tracks from The Cello are (still today) available on the 3-CD set La Vie Electronique 15.

There is no LP (vinyl) with these titles.
Klaus Schulze - Dreams Into Action
Rachmaninoff once said, "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music." With this in mind it seemed only right and proper to put together a fitting piece after a short respectful pause for contemplation following the passing of "our" dear musical friend, Mr. Klaus Schulze.

(Eine deutsche Übersetzung findet man hier.)
Questions about Klaus Schulze?
If you want to know something about Klaus Schulze and his music, the chance is high that the answer is given somewhere in this website. The FAQ is a good place to start with, there are many common questions answered there.

Of course, you can write kdm an e-mail and ask questions or make comments.

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This is the right place to say THANK YOU to Lennart Koschella. Without his knowledge and patience this would have not been possible.