Klaus Schulze: Shadowlands

»Kurz und knapp: es gab schon Besseres. Nachdem KS mit Big in Japan die Latte ziemlich hoch gelegt hat, hat er diese mit Shadowlands CD 1 wieder gerissen.
Mir fehlt das Rhythmische. Immer wenn andere mit ihm Musik machen, wirdes langsam und teilweise langweilig. KS ist und bleibt ungeschlagen - wenn er live und alleine spielt - er ist definitiv kein Teamplayer (musikalisch gesehen).
Mal schauen, was CD 2 und das nochmalig Hören bringt - vielleicht muss man die CD einfach nur mehrmals hören.«
(Rolf, Germany)

»This is a typical Schulze since last a few years. Shadowlights - the first track from the first album leads the listener to a memorable concert in Japan in March 2010. Intro song is similar to some of the songs from the live album Big in Japan. ... After a few minutes the song is woven into a delicate sequencer that gives the rhythm and harmony. These sounds transform, change and modulate through several minutes of light, music and images. Here and there the voice of Lisa Gerrard and violin add charm to the song. The whole track has a trance, but melancholy character, and from the beginning draws the listener on a journey to the Shadowlands. Changing sounds, loops create an interesting atmosphere. ... The other two songs In Between and Licht und Schatten are my favorite tracks on the first album. ... In Between, a relaxing song based on both, melody and rhythm. Licht und Schatten is like the second part, the continuation of the previous composition. Another advantage is the addition of female vocals. Very beautiful is the music in the last 8 minutes of the last track. The second disc of the albumShadowlands is a completely different music, but kept in a climate typical of the period Schulze Contemporary Works. The first sounds of Violin Rhodes, the motifs reminiscent of recordings from the album The Rhodes Elegy from the Contemporary Works II ... The last track is a mystical work. ... This second CD is very successful. Shadowlands confirms that the composer is in good shape. ... This album summarizing the next stage in the artist's discography. «

»Enjoying Shadowlands, seems better when played loud (or maybe I'm just going deaf)«

»Ein selten gewordens Gut in der heutigen (Musik)-Welt: Musik zum Zuhören, Musik, die sich entfalten darf. Kein Kosumdruck, kein 3-Minuten-Radio-Korsett.
Elektronische Musik wie sie mal gewesen ist und meiner Meinung nach auch bleiben sollte! Was allerdings stimmt, ist die Tatsache, dass es nichts wirklich Neues zu hören gibt! Ob das nun gut oder schlecht ist, muss jeder für sich selbst entscheiden.«

»... werden sicher auch die Skeptiker unter den KS-Fans die Shadowlands zu schätzen wissen. Was ich allerdings schade finde: es gibt leider nichts Neues und kein Booklet. Ansonsten ein lohnenswertes Album «

»Das Highlight dieser CD ist das 55-minütige The Rhodes Violin auf der zweiten CD. Ohne solche Kompositionen wäre die Welt eine Scheibe.«

»... Er erfindet sich nicht neu, sondern schreitet dem Alter angemessen auf alten Pfaden an neue Ufer. Ich erwarte keine Pioniertaten (mehr) von einem der Urväter der elektronischen Musik, sondern handwerklich gut gemachte elektronische Musik. Wer Klaus Schulze und der berühmten "Berliner Schule" nahesteht: eine klare Empfehlung.«

»Die Shadowlands gehört im Moment zu meinen Nr.-1-Favoriten von Klaus Schulze. Ich finde Klaus Schulze wird immer besser je länger er Musik macht. 

»Just a quick email to say how much I like Shadowlands. I must confess that on first listening I was dissappointed except for The Rhodes violin but on second listening I realised how beautiful the music is - complex and beautiful. It needs to be listened to with full attention to appreciate properly. I find it quite dreamy and relaxing. My favourite part isThe Rhodes violin especially 20 minutes in onwards and I like the playful sounds in Tibetan Loops - I find the main part of that unusual but fascinating.
On my amazon review I will urge people to buy the double CD for the extra £2 - without it, they would really miss out. So, in a nutshell, not as exciting as KS as done in the past, but really rather beautiful. «

»I've just received Klaus' new CD and I'm delighted with it. My copy of the 2-CD version has only just reached me thanks to a postal strike (another one) in Johannesburg. I'd read various reviews, some ecstatic, some the opposite (so it ever was and so it ever will be) and, as always, the best judge of what any individual will enjoy is that individual himself.
Whilst I have every recording KS has ever released I've never been one to say I like everything he's done. So, for instance, I've never been too keen on the 'sampling years' and voices usually sit somewhat awkwardly for me with KS' music, with the great exception of Lisa Gerrard. I'm now a convert to voices having heard my favourite track on the album, track No. 1 Shadowlights, in that the various contributors' voice samples aren't "in your face", but are very varied, delicately and sparingly used. Superbly so, in fact. They are not an accessory to the music but absolutely fundamental to it. So pleased, it's been a long wait, but well worth it.«
(Dennis, South Africa)

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