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Issue 211
12 pages
o ...for 233 months now
o The concerts in '79
o I would if I should but I don't know why
o Konzerte mit TD anno 1973 (in German)
o When KS listens to his own music
o No income from downloads
Issue 212
20 pages
o 40 Years Timewind Special:
...with historic reviews (British, French, German)
...with a long re-release review
...with KS' statement from 1975
...with detailed clarification of the bonus tracks
o KS misused for strange Belgian "Nu-Disco" release
o You can't have it both ways (either atmosphere or clean)
o Download (again) = 140 x less income (German)
Issue 213
12 pages
o Two new releases this year:
o Finally, I can announce the release of LVE 16...
o ...and a new studio album for autumn
o Vita contemplativa & vita activa
o Historic document from '89
o Another long interview
o "Synphaera" (from CYBORG) as label name
Issue 214
12 pages
o Who "invents" the titles?
o (Some) fans' letters (obscure, obscure...)
o Newly discovered photos of KS (in Australia)...
o ...& the history of an unordinary record shop
o Einige Händler und ihre seltsamen Mitteilungen (Deutsch)
o Zwei Absagen (Buch + Radio) (German)
o Nochmal: Vinyl (German)
Issue 215
12 pages
o The bonus tracks in LVE 16
o How to pronounce a German name?
o The strange "helmet" on a 1980 photo
o The Times They Are A-Changin'
o "Techno" ins Kindermuseum
o Konzeptalbum? (German)
o Notations
Issue 216
12 pages
o The meaning of © and ℗
o 40 years "Timewind"
o About our historic concert recordings
o What release next?
o Some former unreleased early pics
o Our P.A. system in the seventies
Issue 217
20 pages
o Musikwissenschaft & 'Irrlicht' (German)
o LVE chronological listing of all tracks, incl. bonuses
o 40 years old concert tapes vs. today's sound standard
o Flotte Statistik bei Amazon (German)
o Which of these unreleased recordings could be released...?
o Historic documents from the tour in '79
o Erstaunlich viele Fans im Iran (German)
o ...and another new interview
Issue 218
20 pages
o Some answers to readers
o Most of the KS photos were made by...
o Hörspiel "Das große Identifikationsspiel" als CD (German)
o A wrong tone?
o KS in Google's ranking
o Der Verfall der Aura (in German)
o Kitaro about KS...
o ...and the F.E.F.B. story
o Well meant is the opposite of well done
o Newly discovered historic pics
Issue 219
12 pages
o Info über "The Works" & "Die Schulze-Geschichte"
o Newly discovered historic concert of TD with KS
o A crossword puzzle
o Treffen im Studio? (no. njet. nie. nada. nein. non.)
o Some answers to readers ("Nein!" - "Doch!" - "Oh!")
o The Berlin/Babelsberg concert in '97
o Was ist an Schulze-Musik so bemerkenswert? (in German)
o Surprise: A last solo concert by KS in 2016
Issue 220
12 pages
o The Best of the Sets (an experiment)
o Crossword puzzle's answers
o We don't send autographs or photos
o Private contact? no. njet. nie. nada. non. nein.
o "income" from www? = some depressing figures
o Re-release of Clara Mondshine album?
o Historic pics from '78
Issue 221
20 pages
o Membership for next year
o Überfordert zuviel Musik? (German)
o About the free CD-R for members
o About samplers
o A previously unpublished long interview from '88
o A few previously unpublished pics from '69 & '79