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Issue 178
16 pages
o Intro for new members in 2012
o S C H U L T Z !
o Memories of the Spain tour '91
o When exactly left KS Tangerine Dream?
o Again, about the CD set "OHM, Early Gurus of E.M."
o Where to hear the KS remix of David Lynch/Chrysta Bell
o "Lug und Betrug um Richard Wahnfried"? (long guest column in German)
o Some greetings, remarks, thanks, questions & answers
Issue 179
12 pages
o A new photo of Klaus
o Two Circle members introduce themselves
o Free CD-Rs and DVDs for Circle members, during the last 12 years
o Where to hear Klaus' remix of a David Lynch production, for free
o An off-key Wahnfried re-release
o First reactions on the wrong re-release
o The story of a criminal counterfeit CD
Issue 180
12 pages
o The famous Guido Harari photos of Klaus
o About "The KS Story" (wherein IC's 33/45 is explained since 1986)
o About other freak releases
o "Klaus Schultze" and his "Kyborg" in a German book
o Two older articles: "Sets", "Avantgarde"
o The coming LVE 11
Issue 181
12 pages
o The new album will come in June
o About MIDITATIONs sound quality
o Some questions & answers
o A current KS interview
o The making of covers (of historic KS albums)
o An opinion by 'blue22'
o Two anniversaries (Irrlicht & The Works)
Issue 182
12 pages
o Personal intro
o A new master for "Miditation" (& why)
o "Tonwelle": it's even worse
o The making of covers (part 2)
o A Russian vinyl re-release
o Name-dropping, then and today
o Whatever happened to...
o Some questions & answers
Issue 183
12 pages
o The making of the the covers (pt. 3)
o Die Synthi-Schule (anno 1979)
o A very special craft: to copy KS
o The joy of listening to historic KS tracks
o Whatever happened to...
o Some questions & answers
Issue 184
16 pages
o The Making of Covers, part 4
o Short questions and long answers
o As soon as an album is deleted, they start to ask: How can I get...
o The two versions of Wahnfried's "Miditation" as waveform pics
o A good (!) KS biography? Nay.
o Listing of all concerts, from the sixties until now
Issue 185
12 pages
o It doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it.
o List of all 137 (?) Samplers with KS
o Bargain: a KS poster for only 3,750 Dollars
o My office in three minutes (link to a film)
o Rejected offers
o A comrade
o MusiCassetten (in German)
o About IRRLICHT by KS (in German)
Issue 186
12 pages
o Why some albums are not in the website's bio...
o ...but in THE WORKS, of course!
o Another academic invitation to KS
o Usual question "Where can I buy CDs?"
o Usual answer: "At a shoe shop?"
o English translation of first long IRRLICHT promo...
o ...incl. Klaus' story of recording the orchestra
Issue 187
12 pages
o Some Q & A (questions and answers)
o Trauriges Hobby (German)
o "The Essence of..."
o Collectors (music DVDs?)
o Nein, Komponisten sind nicht die GEZ (German)
o Long report about an album recording session in '72
Issue 188
12 pages
o "Vinyl was and vinyl is the only REAL ..." (is it?)
o "The violin player has finally done his job" (the new album)
o A curious little film from Reims Cathedral
o Die größten Kritiker der Elche... (in German)
o Die Gidon Kremer Story (1981, also in German)
o "The Schulze-Schickert Session 1975" (track listing)
o Why no re-releases of albums that didn't sell?
o Another concert film on DVD? (Warsaw 2009)