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Issue 145
24 pages
o About Rheingold and Zenit
o New books
o Another KS interview
o Michael Hoenig about KS
o The ten most "funny" fan questions in 2008
o An obscure British album
o About UE's first two sets
o This and that
Issue 146
16 pages
o Schedule of coming releases
o Old stories
o "La Vie Electronique"
o Art is not sports
o Press reviews about "Rheingold" CDs + DVDs
o "Dziekuje Bardzo", another concert CD set in April
Issue 147
16 pages
o "People love more the new than the good"
o Hearing pictures, seeing sounds
o Die Schulze-Geschichte
o NTSC vs. PAL
o "Hey boys, where are your elpees?"
o More good news about "Dziekuje Bardzo"
o Dziekuje Bardzo release on 29 May
o "The Works" was stripped down
o KS doing the Boogaloo?
Issue 148
14 pages
o Wham bam!
o Some remarks about LVE
o Some questions & answers
o Something about used elpees
o Some funny people
o The cover of "Dziekuje Bardzo"
Issue 149
32 pages
o Schedule for coming Schulze CDs
o John Cleese about critics
o KS in film about "Agitation Free"
o Tracklisting of Dziekuje Bardzo
o "Dziekuje Bardzo" DVD in PAL and (!) in NTSC format
o Fans werden "ausgenutzt"? (in German)
o Interview from '86 (English translation from old Schulze book)
o "The starving artist" (Bob Dylan)
o Bits & Pieces
o Added: 16 pages KS record chronology
Issue 150
16 pages
o I praise the book "Electronic and Experimental Music, Third Edition"
o A new film unearthed, with 04:20 from the KS concert in Paris 1973
o About Philip K. Dick
o About the movie "Next of Kin"
o The situation of SPV
o Exact release dates of LVE 3 to LVE 10
o "Berlin schwingt ko(s)misch"
Issue 151
12 pages
o The coming autumn concerts
o The Beep will interview KS for a major tv documentary
o High entries for "Dziekuje Bardzo"
o What happened to...
o Variations on "Drive Inn"
o Lisa's humour
o About Conny Schnitzler
o Historic documents: tour schedule 1978
Issue 152
20 pages
o A concert in your town?
o "Orientalische Schlaufen"?
o The Legacy of Moog (an exhibition)
o The contents of LVE 3 and 4
o German reviews about LVE 3 and 4
o The future of LVE
o "Le Capitaine Nemo du Rock Allemand"
o What happened to...
o Pics from a BBC filming of Klaus
Issue 153
20 pages
o The concert in Warsaw live on radio
o A hymn for Poland: Hommage Pologne (08:29)
o KS was officially honoured in Poland
o The triumphal concert in Berlin
o A fine & new but short CD by Lisa (with KS)
o The sickness of KS in Essen
o A coffee table book?
o What happened to Thomas Kessler?
o Schulzesque
o "Nur fr Erwachsene" (free CD-Rs, poster, clothes)
Issue 154
16 pages
o Some devoted caricatures
o Reports on the last concerts (in French, Englisch, German)
o About Essen
o Coming concerts in 2010
o Offer to renew the membership of The KS Circle
o ...or become a new member in our 15th year. Ask kdm!
Issue 155
16 pages
o KS concerts in Tokyo
o A good review (I mean: very good written)
o Ethnology
o Rhythmische Bewegung
o Compliment!
o "Verlag" vs. "Plattenfirma" (what is what?)
o LVE 5 and 6: where are they?
o I woulda if I coulda but I don't know why I shoulda
o Most of you have renewed already...