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Issue 133
16 pages
o Friendly words
o The re-release numbering
o The bonus tracks
o More about the "Schiller" teaming
o Transcript of "Schiller" interview about KS
o "Im Grunde ist das ein knalldummes Buch"
o More Japanese re-releases
o More about Baffo Banfi
Issue 134
12 pages
o Exclusive report about collaboration of Lisa Gerrard with KS
o Kann man bei mir unveröffentliche KS-Aufnahmen kaufen? Of course not!
o Psychoacoustics ("The Loudness War")
o This and that: Paris concert, French CD release, many interviews, ...
o KS in "arte" and France Inter, etc.
o Questions about re-release of The Ultimate Edition
Issue 135
16 pages
o The two new re-releases in Amazon's charts
o Ultimate Edition will be re-released in chronological order
o "Wahre Musikliebhaber werden vom download die Finger lassen"
o "Trust" cannot be copied
o A new book about KS. Is it any good? (no answer yet)
o Some CDs for free
o The new 'Schiller' album with KS
o The next KS album will contain singer Lisa G.
o The Kontinuum text, readable and also in German
o Bologna is slow, but the contract is done and okay
Issue 136
12 pages
o About KS + Schiller & first review of "Zenit"
o The next two KS albums "Farscape" at end of June
o A CD review from Iran
o Musicians are not purists
o KS in bewegten Bildern (German)
o Das KS Buch von 1986 gibt's noch/wieder (German)
o Different fans
o Interview from 1975
Issue 137
24 pages
o Klaus' unexpected sickness...
o ...and all the Best Wishes for him
o The transcript of the KS interview, made on 27th of March for German "Radio 1"
Issue 138
12 pages
o This and that
o Nostalgic memories
o A book about KS, coming soon
o Website not chic enough? Hooey.
Issue 139
16 pages
o Oliver Sacks: what is music?
o Gidon Kremer über "bequeme" Musik (in deutsch)
o Old Circle issues again avaiblable
o Some things from past Circles
o Richard Wagner statement (in deutsch)
o Stephen Fry statement
o I had a short look at the new book about KS
o A new track on a sampler
o Listing of all bonus tracks
Issue 140
16 pages
o Reactions about Farscape
o Reports about the Loreley concert with Lisa
o Listing of all "listings" in older Circle issue
o Three historic documents
Issue 141
16 pages
o More reactions to Farscape
o About singers in Klaus' music
o More reactions to Klaus & Lisa's Loreley concert
o More concerts in November
o Double DVD "Rheingold" will come
o Peter Gabriel - Klaus Schulze - James Bond (?!)
Issue 142
12 pages
o Metallica has same idea as we had 15 years ago
o I am working on long German version of "The KS Story"
o A final report about the Loreley concert
o "Schultz!"
o The "quality" of MP3
o Schulze's "Dreams" CD contained Franz Schubert quartets...
o ...and CD owner thought for 15 years it's genuine KS
Issue 143
16 pages
o Next year's Circle membership
o Berlin concert (more or less) sold out
o About an old Robert Schröder album
o About some illegal CDs
o "The Klaus Schulze Story" now longer and in German
o The bonus tracks on U.E.
o "Wenn ich mich selbst finden will, dann drück' ich F3"
Issue 144
20 pages
o Long report about the Berlin concert (and after)
o About the Warsaw concert
o THE WORKS not in a digital version
o A long KS interview from 2005
o Two more historic re-releases from "Agitation Free"
o About UE as mp3 download: will it work?
o Thirty free CD-Rs with German KS interview
o Don't forget your membership for 2009