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Issue 122
12 pages
o So many albums? Yes, the result of 34 years!
o More questions and answers
o "Rock! Jugend und Musik in Deutschland" (an exhibition in Berlin)
o About (some velvet) phasing
o Noch 'n bisschen Quatsch im deutschen Wikipedia
Issue 123
12 pages
o The bonus tracks for the coming set of re-releases
o What are "Eleven 2 Eleven" and "mm"
o Nice hello and strange question from old "Brain" label manager
o The different CD prices for the KS re-releases
o Schulze's "Silent Running" and P.D.Q. Bach :-)
o Listing of "kdm archive"
Issue 124
12 pages
o Catalogue numbers and release dates for next re-releases
o What's the long bonus track on the Timewind re-release?
o Classic question: Will there be a new album? Answer: Yes
o Some info about the coming new solo album Kontinuum
o Another interview with KS
o 50 Years of "Elektronisches Studio der Techn. Universität Berlin" :-)
Issue 125
12 pages
o The CD release dates
o "D.D." (in Deutsch)
o "A Day in the Life of an Artist"
o Music and technical science
o Melissa from Italy asks for help
o What happened to Michael Hoenig?
Issue 126
16 pages
o An illegal "Aphrica" CD, again
o Many stories about the early seventies
o Klaus' record sales?
o The fake KS site in Myspace is closed
o The cover of "Kontinuum"
Issue 127
12 pages
o "Kontinuum" comes on the 8th of June (the real cover)
o 5 Alben von KS in "Top 13 Analog Synthi Klassiker"
o Stereo?
o Hüftehopfen (= HipHop)
o The late F.J. Krüger (24 December 1948 - 26 April 2007)
o The early instruments of KS
o mugs?
Issue 128
16 pages
o The first reactions to Kontinuum
o Klaus' handwritten notes to the 1980 ...LIVE..." album
o What exactly and in detail is the bonus track on Timewind?
o No, KS has nothing to do with David Lynch's "Dune" movie
o Another faked KS website closed down
o The planned next re-releases and the bonus tracks
Issue 129
24 pages
o Offer for a few free CDs
o Kontinuum a "seller" at Amazon
o Interview (with kdm)
o More reactions to Kontinuum
o Long interview mit KS (in Deutsch)
o Again some necessary notes about copyright
o Re-release: not the Wahnfried Transcelation but the Klangart albums
Issue 130
16 pages
o "KS Special" in the radio archives
o Walter Westrupp erinnert sich an Session mit KS (Only in German)
o Comic artist Matt remembers his work for KS
o About the bonus tracks in the coming 4 re-releases
o Is there a voice on Stardancer?
o Often "lyrics" without a meaning in KS' titles
o "...throwing feeding cups and sliding on our napkins" :-)
o Very early fan letter (facsimile)
o "The Funny Part"
Issue 131
12 pages
o The KS Legacy
o Musik für Hass-Fabrikanten? Nee! (in German)
o Some CDs for free (no KS)
o Concerts in sight
o "Ohr"? "Brain"!
o Some historic documents (Dutch, German, English)
o Latest news: Lisa Gerrard in Klaus' studio
o Latest news: One track with "Schiller"
Issue 132
12 pages
o "As the Years Went By"
o About bonus tracks
o A KS interview DVD available
o Japanese CD releases
o Kaugummi-Musik
o "What Fun We Had" (about 1972/'73 with Agitation Free)
o Historic: about première of Body Love movie
o Don't forget to renew your subcription for 2008 :-)