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Issue 111
16 pages
o List of newly discovered first-quality films of KS from late sixties and 70s (!)
o How avant is the garde?
o "OHM - The Early Gurus.." re-released with additional DVD
o The numbering of the re-releases
o A good record label can do a lot - and Revisited Rec. did!
o CDs: order via telephone? Yep!
o What Marcel Proust and Glenn Gould said about KS :-)
o Some more Moonlake reviews
o Über Cover
o Und: the Scheiß goes on (KS in deutschen Zeitungen)
Issue 112
12 pages
o The next four re-releases
o More Moonlake reactions
o The "Rockpalast" tv programme
o The Poland concert recordings in comparison
o What became of Jürgen Dollase?
o The various dealers' prices of Schulze CDs
Issue 113
16 pages
o A French award for Klaus
o Where can I find an album?
o Answers to some fans' questions
o The bonus tracks on the next four re-releases
o The differences: private radio recording vs. a released CD
o Which is the worst music you ever have heard? :-)
o Japanese "KS" clothes
Issue 114
16 pages
o Long and detailed report from Paris, about the "Prix d'Honneur" for KS
o Russian e.m. club tells us to which musical genre KS belongs
o Reflections on TV series about German "Kraut" music
o Spring is here and the crackpots get going :-)
Issue 115
12 pages
o About autographs
o What happened to Thomas Kessler?
o April Fools' Day hoax :-)
o Pipe organ story
o Strange design
o "Werden Sie der Reihe nach geordnet?" (?)
Issue 116
16 pages
o Moonlake review from British "Audion" magazine
o Some French reviews
o Chronological list of 650 released KS solo titles 1968-2006
o The next re-releases
o "Deutsche Knall- und Felsenmusik" :-)
o An old letter
Issue 117
24 pages
o Das "Zodiak" in Berlin 1969 (German article)
o Indeed: someone loves "Aphrica" (alibi: he's from California :-))
o Die Nummerierung der Re-releases (German article)
o Illegal CDs and DVDs in Russia are banned (finally & hopefully)
o About bonus track "Dungeon" (on "Irrlicht" re-release)
o Japanese KS fashion clothes (very expensive)
o Chronological Title List of the Released KS Solo Recordings (advanced version)
Issue 118
24 pages
o How valuable are your old vinyls?
o Schultz!
o Re-release of huge sets not yet planned
o Another recent KS Interview
o About "Phononet"
o Das "backwards-tape" von Irrlicht
o The different Trancefer versions
o Listing of the latest 150 press reviews
o Extraordinary (often funny) statements from these 150 reviews
o Some letters
Issue 119
12 pages
o About Thomas Kessler (Beat Studio, Berlin, 1969-'72)
o The copyright and the Internet
o Historic: KS + Ash Ra Tempel
o Picture Music: not recorded 1973 but at the end of 1974
o The next two sets of four CD re-releases each
o Schiller visited Schulze
o The "Bath Tub" in Berlin
Issue 120
12 pages
o A book about KS?
o The first synthesizer of Klaus: when?
o What's a "phase trumpet"?
o Memories: the house KS lived in as teenager
o 3 x "cosmic" jive :-)
o The full monty: 44 minutes KS on German radio
o You want The KS Circle in 2007? (& maybe you'll get the 44 minutes)
Issue 121
16 pages
o About some of the photos in our booklets
o Is it or is it not Klaus' old instrument?
o Composing competition in Russian e.m. magazine
o Planned: Body Love finally on DVD
o A good American article (about KS)
o Die Musik-CD ist tot, jedenfalls für die EMI...
o ...doch die wunderschönen KS-Re-releases leben!
o 30 minutes of "X" in a tiny Jamaican (!) bar in Osaka, Japan (!)
o 30 years ago: Some merry postcards to KS