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Issue 66
32 pages
o A detailed index of issues 1 to 65
o A Schulze Online Chat Club? No!
o 30th anniversary of KS' first solo album
o Poetic greetings from Arthur Brown
o A little French criminal
o Multimedia Brockhaus
o De mortuis nil nisi bene
o Chris Franke's famous mother
o Easy renew of subscription: just send 30 €
Issue 67
12 pages
o Four Wahnfried albums deleted
o Too much "TD" in "The KS Circle"?
o On which projects KS is working?
o The length of music
o Wenn man einen Satz anfängt, soll man ihn auch.
o Another kind KS mention by Kitaro
o A musical theory; essay from 1972 by KS
o Still not all members have paid the 30 € for 2002
Issue 68
16 pages
o Letters from Russia
o "Wer jetzt nicht auf E.M. abfährt..."
o Sorgsam gepflegt & langfristig
o "Orchestration" missing?
o The Making of Electronic Music (part 6: "How Klaus works today")
o Photos from KS' studio in February 2002
o Historic: Our IC studio in 1981
Issue 69
16 pages
o A keyboard sensualist
o The Atony Award
o Wer wird Millionär?
o The relation between artist and listener
o Not religious
o Historic: Die Emanzipation des Synthesizers (handwritten by KS, 21 years ago
o Historic: Handwritten musical notations (by KS, 26 years ago)
Issue 70
12 pages
o New KS track on sampler
o Concert vs. studio
o The Memorymoog was used in...
o Terry Riley?
o Faulty Zyx CD?
o Historic: KS interview in Flemish, 1982
o Historic: German report about Italy tour 1975
o Historic: Australian KS article 1983
Issue 71
12 pages
o A new book about E.M. with KS interview
o "Schön gesagt" (German)
o kdm: "I don't sell CDs"
o A producer's job? (German)
o Next releases in August
o Newest studio equipment list
o The medium is the message
Issue 72
12 pages
o Schulze's new release, a 5-CD set
o Zeitalter der technischen Variierbarkeit und Beliebigkeit?
o Which instruments did KS really use for "Irrlicht"?
o Another "Top Ten" inquiry
o All 116 samplers, A-Z
Issue 73
12 pages
o About the new release
o The Top Ten (interim report and reminder)
o KS sells some of his equipment (and why)
o Historic Italian article
Issue 74
12 pages
o "Really heavy noise" on Dune CD?
o kdm as "bouncer" :-)
o A second 5-CD set? No
o Explanation of "Irrlicht" titles
o The Top Ten results
o Is "the music industry" evil?
o Historic press clippings (English, Flamish, Swedish)
Issue 75
16 pages
o The Dune noise, again and finally
o The music industry, a discussion
o Historic Mirage recording notations
o Trance Techno, Lounge Techno, Blockhead Techno
o Discographical difficulties
Issue 76
24 pages
o The first 40 reactions to Contemporary Works Vol. 2
o Please renew your Circle subscription
o Cyborg remastered? No!
o Chinese bootleg
o Archie's new thick E.M. book released
o Meilenstein der Musikgeschichte: Irrlicht
o The Most Influential Ambient Albums of All Time
Issue 77
16 pages
o Please renew your subscription for 2003
o Free CD with KS interview for 27 renewers
o More reactions to KS' last CD set
o Today, KS will not play music of 25 years ago!
o A KS interview (in German)
o Eight questions for your pleasure
o Long report: our visit at Radio Eins