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Issue 54
12 pages
o Chinese Millenium report
o Did KS use a Chopin piece?
o Simple trick to make the equipment work
o More reactions to "Contemporary Works" (German WITH English)
o Confirmation of what KS once said about IC
o "Aphrica" LP offer
o KS acting in German tv movie
o b/w copy of colour photo from that movie
o Friedrich Gulda about contemporary music (German)
o Listing of the music in movie "Next of Kin"
o Concert announcement: 9 June 2001 in Osnabrück
o Photocopy: Two "Irrlicht" reviews from 1974 (Italian)
o Photocopy: "Electronic Meditation" review from 1970 (German)
o Photocopy: Interview with KS from 1972 (German)
Issue 55
20 pages
o Marian Gold in Klaus' studio
o KS music in video of German movie "Das Superweib"?
o Why do you like KS' music?
o KS used a Chopin piece? Yes.
o Letter from Canada
o List of Schulze press articles from 12/1998 to 01/2001
o Unterschied zwischen Studio & Konzert (German)
o How "amazon.com" sees KS
o Some sheet music still available
o Copycats (German)
o Bad handwriting
o Max Goldt story (German)
o Review of German TV movie with KS
o Photocopy: Long article from 1976 (French)
o Photocopy: Ad from 1975
Issue 56
20 pages
o Offer for some free CDs
o The monthly special e-mail
o Stephen Fry about music
o Are remixes necessary? And why?
o Disco Corner: Addition to "The Works"
o Unfaßbarer Werbetext :-) (German)
o Detailed "Contemporary Works" reviews
o KS with Jimi Hendrix
o Photocopy: 25 years old KS interview (German)
o Photocopy: 22 years old listing of Germany's "best" musicians (German)
o Photocopy: What the "Playboy" wrote about KS, 22 years ago (German)
o David M. Cline: "The Shared Sequences of Contemporary Works"
o KS is still doing music?
Issue 57
16 pages
o What happened to film director Lasse Braun ("Body Love")
o What happened to "Brainticket"? (Free CDs to win)
o New catalogue of used LPs etc.
o Downbeat? Upbeat? Offbeat?
o Recent KS interview (German)
o About titles of compositions
o "Vater des Techno" (German)
o "Dune" memories (German)
o Who else won the "Grand Prix International de Disque"?
o How E.M. is produced, today (is there an interest to know?) (German AND English)
o One sample page of "The Works" from first and recent edition
o Photocopy: Metronome press info about "Timewind" (German)
o Cartoon
Issue 58
20 pages
o Some bootleg and counterfeit CDs turned up (German WITH English)
o What is Muzak?
o The A.N.S. synthesizer
o Some questions & answers (German WITH English)
o Sales figures?
o What's on the 50 pics inside the "...Live..." LP cover?
o Preview articles about Klaus' concert in Osnabrück (German)
o Klaus' "Dig It" shows data of Edgar's "Aqua" :-)
o Invitation to an academic discourse, and refusal
o What happened to Andreas Grosser?
o Promotion for Audion & Ultima Thule
o The Works still available only as printed copy
o Photocopy from fanzine Face Out, 1978
Issue 59
16 pages
o What happened to Guido Harari?
o About the Osnabrück concert (reviews)
o The new album(s) (live in Osnabrück)
o Is a cello really "better" than a synth?
o Series: The Making of Electronic Music (part 1)
o Photocopy: Short French articles from spring 1976
Issue 60
16 pages
o First reactions to "Live @ KlangArt" CDs (German WITH English)
o Series: The Making of Electronic Music (part 2)
o Dune movie in "Halliwell's"
o Why sub-titles?
o Short interview (German)
o What happened to Arthur Brown?
o Photocopy: "Playboy" about KS in 1976 (German)
o Photocopy: New Musical Express about "Go" concert 1976
Issue 61
16 pages
o More reactions to Live @ KlangArt CDs
o Interview (German)
o What happened to R.U. Kaiser?
o KS: "What is een Synthesiser" (Flemish) 1976
o Photocopy: interview 1977 (Spanish)
o Photocopy: concert flyer 1977 (French)
o Photocopy: German article 1977
o Photocopy: Moog ad 1976
Issue 62
24 pages
o Henry Rollins über Journalisten (German)
o Body Love on DVD? (not yet)
o F.J. Krüger on tv
o Stupidity & Crime (copyright violation)
o Free CDs (give-away)
o Series: The Making of Electronic Music (part 3)
o Short from my e-mail correspondence (English WITH German)
   KS better on a "normal" big label?
   KS-Musik kostenlos aus dem Internet? (German)
   KS albums immer vorrätig? (German)
   Ein "allgemeiner" Circle? (German)
   Ein typischer copycat (German)
   KS website with more Gimmicks?
   Ist KS' Bühnen-Technik sicher? (German)
   In which mood and on what occasion I listen to KS
o Longer quotation from my e-mail (German)
   Über Remixe
   Über TD
   Über MP3 & CD-R
   Über unerlaubtes Bühnenbetreten
o Photocopy: Silly concert review from 1977 (German)
o Photocopy: A photo from 1973 showing KS, "Hölderlin" and Gille
o Photocopies: Mirage reviews from Australia and Sweden 1977
o Photocopy: Body Love press map 1977
Issue 63
20 pages
o Reactions to recent releases
o "2001" sampler still available for just 9,95 DM
o "KS fährt fort zu bestehen, zu notieren und durchzuführen." :-)
o The Making of Electronic Music (part 4)
o Ten ways of joyful listening
o An old German article (1976)
o An old French article (1973)
o Free interview CD for come Circle members
Issue 64
24 pages
o Schulze music & sex
o CD copy protection will come
o "Ohm" sampler sold cheaply at "2001" mail-order
o Old stories: the "Zodiac" club in Berlin
o Jean Réno & Klaus Schulze: "Body language"
o What happened to Schulze's predecessor in Tangerine Dream?
o Historic: 10 pages KS interview from end of 1980 (German)
o Historic: KS explains two dozen synthesizers (from 1980, German)
Issue 65
16 pages
o Windows Media Player & KS
o The Making of Electronic Music (part 5)
o Weshalb keine negativen Reviews?
o Time comes for renewal of subscription
o What is the best synthi for me?
o Dear editor of "New Age Voice"
o "where can i get shultze cds cu Kevin" :-)
o KS does not play on a "party"
o Concert vs. CD
o Short KS statement from 1973