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Issue 41
16 pages
o Intro
o Thanks for "Trailer" (German WITH English)
o Lyrics for "Time Actor"?
o odds & ends
   My new e-mail address
   The bonus track on "Trailer"
   Quiz about some "Trailer" titles
   Two mystery records
   List of "série poème" releases
   New schedule for Olaf Zimmermann's radio programme (German)
   Micky Maus comic collection to sell (German)
   Promotion for British "Audion" magazine
   Statistics about the Circle
   "The Ultimate Edition" is ready to send out
   Correct track order on CD 30 of "The Ultimate Edition"
o Selling music over the internet?
o Kecke Bemerkung im "Rolling Stone" Magazin (German)
o From "The Works": All the new tracks in "The Ultimate Edition"
o List of records that KS helped to give birth, without actually playing on them
o Letter from Tormod Aas & example of his "Ohrmusic" catalogue
o What I think about a fan's "KS Newsgroup" in the internet
o Some boring essentials about the Circle & communication
o The three "Berlin" tracks in "The Ultimate Edition"
o Photocopy: Programme of concert on 15 December 1976
Issue 42
20 pages
o Dynamik-Kompression bei Musik im Rundfunk (German)
o odds & ends
   Answer to one of the record mysteries
   Something flawless in the press (German)
   Olaf Zimmermann's correct radio www address
   Vocoder on "The Cello"
   Another little mystery
   Fans' urge to convince others
   A fan's e-mai address
   "Today's mainstream culture was..."
   Is "there only good and bad music..."?
   German music magazine writes something about KS
o "The Ultimate Edition": Complete photo listing
o The complete lyrics of Wahnfried's "Time Actor"
o First reactions to "The Ultimate Edition"
o What are a "mass", a "requiem", an "oratorio"? (German)
o About the "Trakl" track on "The Ultimate Edition"
o What else is in my tape archives?
o Quiz answers about some titles on "Trailer"
o A Dutch fan wrote me and I answered
o Photocopy: Japanese article and interview, 1975
o Photocopy: Newspaper article about recording of "Irrlicht"
Issue 43
16 pages
o Bulletin: Six new KS releases will be sold by Manikin via internet
o odds & ends
   Statistics: 100,000 visitors now at KS website
   Old booklets? (German)
   "Mirage" in French magazine's "100 discs" (English WITH French)
   A little mention of KS in a magazine (German)
   More reactions about "The Ultimate Edition" were put in our website
   György Ligeti about today's "avantgarde" = Rockmusik (German)
o The musicians on the photo in Circle #37 are: ... (German AND English)
o Is KS better when playing with a partner? I doubt (German)
o British mail-order writes some nice things about KS
o Free CD-R for Circle members, with special KS radio show & interview
o Listing of special KS radio programme (German WITH English)
o A concert in London? What KS said about it (German AND English)
o Free advertising for Manikin Records
o From "The Works": chronological list of all KS titles
o Photocopy of the academic paper that was included in the original "Irrlicht" LP
Issue 44
12 pages
o I sent out a few more free CD-Rs to Circle members
o About the length of KS titles (German AND English)
o About the London concert and its irritating promotion
o About live atmosphere and what you hear from canned music (German AND English))
o odds & ends
   "...KS kann sich jetzt erst richtig entfalten" (German)
   What KS said in interviews is not always...
   It wasn't like the Rock'n'Roll history books say
   He composed always the same piece: Vivaldi
   Statistics: The language of titles
   Short Glenn Gould quotation (German)
   95% prefer the music they already know
o The vocoder "lyrics" on the title "Death of an Analoge"
o Listing: IC records in chronological order of release
o Does "The Cello" - or music in general - tells a story?
o Photocopy: Old handmade promo for "Dresden" and "Dreams" (German WITH English)
o Photocopy: Old WEA promo for first Wahnfried LP
Issue 45
16 pages
o Woody Allen about "art"
o Lennart K. about collectors & length of titles (German)
o The recording of "Are You Sequenced?"
o odds & ends
   Quotation from a nice interview in a German magazine (German)
   Another electronic album with "classical" tunes by W. Orbit
   "Je langweiliger die Musik..." (German)
   Music as container for interpretations (German AND English)
   New & large French book: "Dictionnaire du Rock"
   A coupon (a joke)
o Listing of 3-CD sampler "Ohm: The Early Gurus of E.M. 1948-80"
o Some words about the "Ohm" sampler
o All reactions to "The Ultimate Edition"
o Photocopy: About the IC synthesizer school
o Photocopy: Italian "Irrlicht" review
o Photo: KS and Wolfgang Tiepold, 1978
Issue 46
28 pages
o Statistics: How many visit which page of our official KS website
o English label offers half "X" CD as "Vol.1" (German)
o odds & ends
   German mail-order "jpc" sells now also abroad
   A new "Music in Germany" CD series, incl. "Elektronische Musik"
   "Dictionnaire du Rock" book includes KS, of course
   New "Ohrmusic" catalog released
   AAD, ADD, DDD, Stereo..., who still cares?
   Manikin will release two "Ash Ra Tempel" CDs
o From my correspondence:
   "...dieser monotone, technoartige Beat... Stampfen..." (German)
   "Tape vom 1979er Bielefeld-Konzert?" (German)
   "Wer ist der Größte?" (German)
   About concert recordings by fans
   A bootleg? No
   KS ist nicht KS, sondern jemand der sich KS nennt (German)
   What KS did not produce
   Why was "Aphrica" deleted?
   Stilistik & Humus & "Krach" (German)
   Falsches Datum? Nee! (German)
   Is "Picture Music" album no. 3 or no. 4?
   MP3 in der KS-Website? Nee!
   "..ein neues Buch über KS, von dir?" (German)
   Nix mystisches (German)
   Availability of videos
   Meaning of titles
   KS is no "God", and other artists are also sincere, etc.
   Zeit des Erwachens & Erwachsenwerdens (German)
   Always exciting and crazy times? Of course not
o Invitation for the annual "Top Ten"
o Listings from "The Works": Dedications, Adaptions, Curiosities & Oddities
o A "Thank you!" to the fans & why we don't use gimmicks in the KS website
o Another finding of errors in a book (German)
o Those serious - but just far behind - "avantgarde" composers
o Customer reviews & about American "Eurock"
o We plan a "Beginners' Guide" for the KS website
o Photocopy: Old "Sounds" article about "Blackdance" and Froese's "Aqua" (German)
o Photocopy: Old scribbling, a timetable 1969-'78
o This is not an empty page (with sincere respect for René Magritte)
Issue 47
32 pages
o odds and ends
   Robert Schroeder as "Klaus Schulze" on bootleg
   Dictionary of Music about "e-guitar"
   Rock Lexikon about "Electronic Rock"
   Henscheid about Stockhausen etc. (German)
   A festival of E.M. in Bologna failed
   Female Circle members?
   French "fnac" offers "Are You Sequenced?" as "album simple"
o Listening to the sampler "Ohm" (German)
o The Ultimate Edition (statistics of durations)
o Gute Musik vs. schlechte Musik (German)
o Different sound of old and new releases?
o Upper frequency range of "Blaue Stunde"?
o Does KS play Ambient?
o Quotation from a nice interview in a German magazine (English translation)
o About Remixes and DeeJays: Heiße Luft vs. originale Inhalte (German AND English)
o File structure of www.klaus-schulze.com
o Photocopy: KS writes about various synthesizers
o Photocopy: Blackdance reviews
o Complete chronological index for Circle 1-40
o KS and kdm photo
Issue 48
20 pages
o Short samples in the web?
o What solo instrument is on "Georg Trakl"? (German AND English)
o Top Ten 2000, detailed results
o Tangerine Dream mag keine Kritik (German)
o Buying CDs from mail-orders
o KS does not play Ambient but Jazz :-)
o Good vs. bad music (continuing from Circle 47, but in English)
o Listing of ten new Schulze CDs
o Interview (short, translation into English)
o Just 12 notes?
o MP3 files and other "free" things in the web?
o How to stay in tune?
o Press & journalists, especially English
o Young people's music (German)
o odds and ends
   Schulze's house struck by lightning
   Amount of e-mail
   Michael Duwe
   KS website had now 128,000 visitors
   "X" prices (German AND English)
   Birthday present for KS (English WITH German)
o Photocopies: Concert programme Oostende 1978 (Dutch)
Issue 49
16 pages
o Circle members statistics
o The Schulzator
o "Gute Musik" = anspruchsvoll? kompliziert? (German)
o In olden times recordings were "documents"
o Reactions to KS' 10-CD set (pre-release of sampler disc 10) (German WITH English)
o Do Schulze fans dance?
o odds and ends
   CD shops (exceptions)
   A fan about TD
   Three remix jobs
   Also copycats do now sets
   KS = The Rhythm Man
   Another quiz? Search for the typical short KS harmonies
o Photocopy: French "Actuel", October 1975
o Photocopy: French magazin's ad for "Orange 76" festival (French)
o Photocopy: Berlin "tip" magazine, 4 August 2000, about "Zickenschulze" (German)
Issue 50
20 pages
o David M. Cline: Alternative versions (article)
o odds and ends
   Musik von heute, nix Retro (German)
   Alle KS Titel hintereinander gehört (German)
   Title "Improvisation"
   Ballet music?
   Das Wort "Fan" (German)
   Schon wieder ein Buch mit falschen Infos (German)
o Photocopy: Strange Chinese sampler
o Reactions to KS' 10-CD set (pre-release of sampler disc 10), Vol. 2 (German WITH English)
o Berliner "tip" Magazin über "The KS Circle" (German)
o Meine Antwort an "tip" (German)
o "Eurock's" CD-Rom
Issue 51
20 pages
o The new year's Circle subscription
o odds and ends:
   Old story: very long LPs
   Expensive bootlegs
   Circle-Mitglied liebt siebziger Jahre Musik (German)
   Habits of two record listeners
o Alan Freemann's detailed critique on Schulze's CD set(s)
o A recent KS interview
o A quiz
o Listing of "Manhunter" (movie) music
o Photocopy: BLÖD-Zeitung über KS (German)
Issue 52
28 pages
o The quiz' answer
o Letter from David M. Cline
o Do not send me booklets etc.
o Last (long) word about copycats (German)
o Answers about Klaus' T-shirt & a soundtrack snippet
o First reactions about the new 10 CD set (German WITH English)
o The typical short KS music sentence in the set
o Rolf Liebermann's "Les Échanges"
o A short KS interview
o Photocopy: American report about "Ohr" record release party, 1973
o Photocopies: British reviews about "Timewind", 1975
o The organ, fascinating as a synthesizer (German)
Issue 53
20 pages
o "Electronic" music a normality now in the normal word
o Theodor W. Adorno über Musikhören (German)
o Chinese Millenium Party with KS music, advance reaction
o Schmaler Streifen in Holzbox hilft (German)
o More reactions to the new 10-CD set (German WITH English)
o "Work in progress"
o Was macht Ks so den ganzen Tag? (Unfreiwilliger Humor; Artikel) (German)
o Und was macht seine Musik inzwischen? (dito)
o Nein, nicht KS hat "Ideal" produziert (German)
o Conrad Schnitzler's Homepage about KS
o One free CD "Drums"
o Music for free from certain websites
o Jazz started in 1750 ? (German journalist proves again he knows nothing)
o The Ooops Effect
o Die deutsche Popmusik-Presse (Buch-Zitat) (German)
o The younger generation
o More videos in Ohrmusic catalogue
o The sound of "X", especially a defect with "Georg Trakl" on CD
o KS music in TV, how it works, technically
o How did a Circle member catalogues his Schulze CDs?
o Audion mention
o Photocopy: Review from Audion, about "Ash Ra Tempel"
o Photocopy: Artikel über Peking-Millenium-Event (German)