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Issue 31
12 pages
o Intro, essentials, and the 4th year
o odds & ends
   Olaf Zimmermann's radio show (German)
   British "Mix" magazine confused?
   Limited editions?
   TV film with KS music shown in Canada
   Tangerine Dream fan praises "The Ultimate Edition"
   "Das Publikum kann sich seine Musiker aussuchen" (German AND English)
   KS in London
   Jörg Schaaf's first solo album
   First reactions to "A Tribute to KS"
   Another new British music book with wrong info
   Why send money with no name and address given?
o Questions & Answers about various techniques, tours, business, copycats (German WITH English)
o Baffo Banfi
o Reactions to the concert in Bologna
o KS for beginners: One dictum to each album
o About the soundtrack "De beste van de klas"
o Tricky crossword riddle
Issue 32
20 pages
o Newspaper article about KS & Techno (German)
o Availability of KS albums and why no KS concert in South America
o Latest fashion in modern music: Techno? or Swing & Jump? or 80s retro? Silly!
o All reactions to "A Tribute to Klaus Schulze"
o Answers to last issue's crossword puzzle
o "The Ultimate Edition", the state of affairs
o Interview from summer 1976 (English version)
o ditto. (original German)
o Copyright violation with another "Moondawn" (German)
o Books that mention KS (from "The Works")
o odds & ends
   "Mirage" momentary not available
   Olaf Zimmermann will broadcast "Aphrica"
   Another money sending with no name and address of the sender
   Brit mag has KS interview about techniques
o Cover of old Moog leaflet with drawn faces of keyboard players incl. KS
Issue 33
16 pages
o odds & ends
   Free give-away: Promotion booklets about 1974 Inteam releases
   Two single CDs packed and sold now as double album
   Feministinnen-Witz (German)
   Edgar Froese about "New Age"
   Free give-away: Plenty of books (German WITH English)
   Announcement of a German jazz festival with KS
o I dropped my work for Ashra
o Do we need an interview CD? (German)
o Muss man die "Technik" kennen? (German)
o The legal verdict against "cosmic" from 1975
o The KS Circle's costs vs. income
o Interview from September 1980
o Interview with kdm from 1994, updated in 1998
o Photocopy "Schulze at Planetarium" article (1977) & "Mirage" review
o Photocopy "A Tribute to KS" review (Spanish)
o Photocopy: PolyGram's dissuasion to the producer of "Moondawn" copy (German)
o The Import Report (USA), "Body Love" came in second
o Photocopy of flyer for a KS concert in 1974
Issue 34
12 pages
o odds & ends
   If you write me...
   Funny new German book
   The address of "Ohrmusic" in Norway, for second-hand albums
   Free give-away: Historic posters
   Statistics: Maurice Ravel
   The KS website had 60,000 visitors now
   Italien press reports
   A Dutch record store
   What we hear actually in the film "De beste van de klas"
   A member sells his collection
   Italian magazine's "CD of the year: Sauce Hollnadaise"
   Many KS CDs available at low price in Germany
o Classification of KS' albums in catalogues
o Discoveries ("X" outtakes and else) for "The Ultimate Edition"
o Soundtracks, old stories
o Other people's websites & the use of Schulze material (German AND English)
o Klaus' contact with pop group "Yello" in 1979
o At what time Schulze had his first Minimoog?
o Questions & Answers (English version of one German Q&A from Circle '31)
o Schulze's studio, instruments list, April 1999
o Photocopy: Legal sentence against the producer of "Moondawn" copy (German)
o Photocopy: Concert flyer from 1975
o Photocopy of a drawing from 1976 French music magazine
Issue 35
12 pages
o About the EMS Synthi A (German)
o Yehudi Menuhin about Electronic Music
o Collection of "Absurdities in the international press" (German WITH Englisch)
o Contents of "The Ultimate Edition"
o odds & ends
   "taz" Kinderei (German)
   Miles Davis quotation
   Baffo Banfi in an Italian magazine
   Oscar Wilde quotation
   American mail-order "amazon.com" offers many KS CDs
o The 1974 "delta acustic" label
o Photocopy: Blurb for a classical "delta acustic" album
o Photocopy: Flyer for London concert 1991
Issue 36
12 pages
o Silly article in a German magazine (German)
o About another silly KS article (20 pages) in a German music magazine (German)
o About copyright
o Technology ist heute ein fester Bestandteil unserer Volksmusik (article, German)
o Today, technology is a permanent part of our folk music (same article, English)
o Should KS go back to "Timewind", musically?
o odds & ends
   Techno lexicon with wrong info (German)
   A new album "The Rhythm Man"?
   KS concert on a Techno festival
   Invitation to write for the Circle
   Invitation for the annual "Top Ten"
o Printed paraphernalia and other offers
o Photocopy: Newspaper report about Berlin rock festival, 1970 (German)
Issue 37
10 pages
o Another discovery for "The Ultimate Edition"
o Dicke Macken (& Plagiat!) bei Musikbüchern des "Schwarzkopf & Schwachkopf" Verlags (German)
o odds & ends
   Two new samplers
   The desire to enjoy music is also always a wish to understand the music?
   Grönemeyer macht auch 'nen Sampler (German WITH short English)
   Quotations of KS, Eddie, and Glenn Gould
   Glenn Gould in 1964 about "House Music"
   Monty Python book as birthday present for KS
o Interview from September 1997
o From Wolfgang Flür's book, about "sampling" (German)
o Photocopy: List of musicians for "X"
o Photocopy: Metronome's in-house sheet for "Irrlicht"
o Photo from 1978 "Dynacord" party, KS jams with krautrockers
Issue 38
20 pages
o odds & ends
   A fan's question: "KS in TD style". And my answer
   A fan's question: "Is KS similar to Jarre?". My detailed answer: "vice versa"
   A professor's strange inquiry
o One long and a few shorter reports about KS performance at chaotic Techno festival (German)
o KS' statement about the same event (English!)
o Top Ten 1999, detailed results
o Serious pioneers of Electronic Music *****
o The use of clean-up software
o Interview, September 1999
o Photocopy: "KS Dates & Facts", pre "The Works"
o Photocopy: Article about some German groups, from '73 (French)
Issue 39
12 pages
o Announcement of "Trailer" and how to get it for free
o In opposition to the sciences, music is worthless if it neglects the people
o odds & ends
   Stockhausen, Can, VdGG
   Soundtracks (Body Love...)
   A few of the old sets to sell
   What inspires an artist? (No answer)
   Wrong info about "Barracuda" soundtrack in a film book
   Who needs an "Ersatz" CD from one of the sets?
   Do all of them do "Electronic Music"?
   About a problem with "burning a CD"
   Book on demand = "The Works"
o Photocopy: English translation of French interview from October 1975
o Photocopy: French 1976 hitparade (no.10 = "Moondawn")
o Print-out: Our KS website elected as "Web of the Week"
Issue 40
18 pages
o Intro, incl. "how to send me letters and cash" (German WITH English)
o Rules and explanations about "The KS Circle", incl. info about back copies' availability
o odds & ends
   Ersatz-CDs: Rosinen rauspicken gilt nicht (German WITH English)
   You can write for the "Circle" and you can give info for "The Works"
   KS remembers about the title "My Virtual Principles" (on CD 7 of "Historic Edition")
   About a poor German krautrock group, "Eloy" (German book quotation)
   My own musical preferences and my "Top 12" recordings
o Details of the tracks for the "Trailer" album
o List of samplers that include KS (from "The Works")
o Involuntarily funny translation into German from our English website (German)
o Involuntarily funny translation of a German KS interview into English
o Printed paraphernalia and other offers
o Photocopy: Old KS visiting card, old sticker, very old concert ticket
o Index for Circle nos. 1-40