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Issue 14
14 pages
o Intro, incl. harddisk crash at Schulze's
o Russian sampler finally released
o Riddle with interview MCs to win
o Form follows function (article)
o How I did "Jubilee Edition" (German)
o "Jubilee Edition", updated list of contents
o Updated listing of all available KS solo albums
o Queer German newspaper article about KS (German)
o From an Italian book (Italian)
o Interview for Italian magazine & book, October '96
o About English krautrock lexicon
o odds & ends
   New pop CD with old Tangerine Dream cover
   "The Private Tapes" sold out
   "Klaus Schulze Special" at German NDR radio
   Rare sampler offer
   No use anymore for IRCs
   Results about question "Which are your favourite non-KS albums?"
o Photocopy: "Walking the Edge" cue sheet
o Old "Playboy" playlists (by KS, Nina Hagen, etc.)
o Photocopies of funny newspaper articles about KS ("...sings")
o Historic photo with Hoenig in Paris
Issue 15
16 pages
o Berlin radio concert, new date
o Radio's no.1 albums: "Are You Sequenced?" and "Moondawn"
o The pop song "Popcorn", 25 years ago
o Jubilee Edition, updated list of contents
o About amateurish KS "Homepages" in the internet
o A Top Ten list by KS from 1983
o Offer for booklet "The Reviews"
o Paris report (our visit for interviews)
o New Wahnfried "Drums'n'Balls"
o Contemporary press reactions to "Dig It"
o odds & ends
   "Wer Schulze heißt..." (German)
   Where to find the sampled orchestra break
   KS in Tokyo wax museum
o Old document: Original IC concept
o Trenkler & A.P.-Geschichte (German)
Issue 16
14 pages
o Intro, incl. reasons for not stopping "The KS Circle"
o About the track "Fears and Phobias" in "Historic Edition"
o Overdone "krautrock" fashion (German)
o Nonsense in Belgian newspapers
o Which KS tracks include the "orchestra break"?
o Offer for "The KS Companion"
o Chronology of Trenkler/A.P. affair (German)
o Ethics
o odds & ends
   "Are You Sequenced?" also released in France
   A German copycat offered a Schulze track as his own
   Reservations completed for "Jubilee Edition"
   PolyGram chaos?
   "The Private Tapes" = "Event of the Year", says Italian magazine
   "The Works" now with 178 pages
   Short history of "The Works"
   New www address of KS website
   KS interview in a friendly American website
   Offer to write for the Circle
   Warszawa concert possible
o Old document: IC invitation for October 31st, 1980
o Document: KS' scribblings for "Tradition and Vision" and "'Nuff Said"
o Photocopy of silly German newspaper article ("Arthur Connley")
o Photo of KS as office man
Issue 17
18 pages
o Little gimmicks on stage during our seventies' tours
o List of photos used in JUBILEE EDITION (see also Circle # 19)
o KS in British list "Top 500 Collectable Artists"
o Article by David M. Cline: "KS on Vinyl"
o odds & ends
   How to use "The Works"
   German mail-order sells KS CDs at low price
   Thanks to some members
   "The KS Circle": First two years available as bound booklet
   Lennart's moods :-)
   Mario Schönwälder is on holidays
   A big fan of "Klaus Shultz" wrote me
   Statistics about the official KS website
   "The KS Companion", 14 copies left
o Photocopies of newspaper articles (about Jarre & a KS fan's reaction)
o Photocopies of four pages from "Stahlsinfonie" programme (German AND English)
o Circle Index, issues no. 1-17
Issue 18
20 pages
o Intro
o odds & ends
   "Wie spät ist es eigentlich? Zuschriften werden vertraulich..." (German)
   KS asked for spare booklet of "X"
   Henrik Ibsen über Journalisten und Politiker (German)
   Karl Schulze? Klause Shulz? Herr Schuze?
   KS thanks you for the good wishes to his 50th birthday
   Urs Amann's address
   Cher amis à France (about letters in foreign lingo)
   About "Radio Frits" concert
   Scottish mail-order address deleted
   Which of the photos in "Jubilee Edition" is printed in mirror image?
   The doublets in "Jubilee Edition"
   Die Dauer eines Stückes (German)
   About next album "Dosburg Online"
   Metronome closed down. What now?
   A good journalist in Hungary
   About the added trivia
   About Olaf Zimmermann's radio broadcasts (German)
   Richard Wagner anno 1875 about the press (German)
o Top Ten 1997, detailed results
o Who is "Herr Schmitt"? who is mentioned on the "...Live..." album
o Funny, ironic "review" by a fan (German)
o Involuntarily funny article by a Techno artist (German)
o "La vie secrète" = is it from 1975? 1977? 1978?
o Hobby music (German)
o "Jubilee Edition" calculation: Playing time divided by price = 0.27 DM per minute
o Short interview from 1981 (German)
o All reactions to "Jubilee Edition"
o Photocopy of letter from Gidon Kremer's management
o Document: The Big Moog, all parts in detail
o Photocopy of a friendly letter by a Circle fan, about Jubilee Edition
o Offer: Printed paraphernalia and other offers
Issue 19
14 pages
o Intro
o odds & ends
   Answers to the photo and the Herr Schmitt questions from last issue
   How to write letters :-)
   Translation of Polish track titles
   The new "Wahnfried" still not out
   One wrong year in our photo listing in issue 17
   What new CD player I should buy?
   Own label?
   Don't ask questions that are already answered in the Circle :-)
   Hardcover bound Circles are offered by a fan
   "Inter*Face" is re-released now
o One correction to the "List of photos used in JUBILEE EDITION" (Circle # 17)
o Planned release of "Dosburg Online"
o Did Jean Michel Jarre invent "Electronic Music"? *****
o New riddle questions (about "Jubilee Edition")
o Wrong "Klaus Schulze" CD announced by a Scottish mail-order company
o Photocopy of interview from 1982 (printed 1983 in American "down beat" magazine)
o Photocopy of neat little American review about "Angst"
Issue 20
16 pages
o Intro
o "Jubilee Edition" sold out
o "Dosburg Online": new release date
o Where to get CDs (German WITH English)
o What happened with the neonazi? (German)
o Answers to last issue's riddle (about titles from "Jubilee Edition")
o KS' personal Top Ten (own albums and others)
o The Radio Fritz concert, playing order and durations
o Wrong titles? (article)
o All reactions to Jubilee Edition
o odds & ends
   Correction of printing error
   Tucholsky 1931: Wo gibt's Bücher? (German)
   New CD player with "Index" search
   Statistics about the Circle
   One reaction to the re-release of "Inter*Face" (German)
   Reading the Circle is more fun than reading the monitor
   Erik Satie about "it's so easy to bore people"
o Photocopy of German newspaper article about KS' synthi school, 1979
o Photocopy of French Top Ten list from 1979
Issue 21
12 pages
o odds & ends
   Anrede: Du oder Sie? (German)
   New sampler with wrong info (German)
   CD-Rom (music lexicon) with wrong info
   Cryptic mail about "Yello"
   Question for the "best cover"
   How and when KS met Kitaro
   How many visited our KS website?
   All three sets are sold out
   Releases in Taiwan
   Wie man in Dresden eine KS-CD kauft (German)
   Search programme in the KS website
   Little story: "Yo that's pretty fat!"
   Robert Gernhardt Zweizeiler (German)
o Gibt es künstlerische Maßstäbe? Ja! (German AND English)
o Gute Sänger? (German)
o My final word about krautrock
o The sequencer on "Dosburg Online" (German AND English)
o Lyrics from "Dosburg Online"
o All reactions to "Dosburg Online"
o Photocopy of Chinese report about "Dosburg Online"
o Drawing of stage setting from 1978