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Latest News
20 years Official Klaus Schulze Website!
Our Official Klaus Schulze Website has been existing for twenty years now! On 20 August 1996 it all began with a single page on Compuserve (does anyone recall its URL? It started with "ourworld.compuserve.com" and you can still find it mentioned on some web pages on the Net). Now it's around 700 pages altogether, including Klaus Schulze's huge discography and many interview and photo pages.

Domain names were ridiculously expensive at that time, especially the prices of German ".de" domains were horrible, so we waited a year or two until at least ".com" reached affordable regions. Since then, "www.klaus-schulze.com" has been the reliable source of information around Klaus Schulze and his music. No rumours, no gossip, no bling-bling, just facts and information.

The Internet has developed since those times, it's more commercialised than ever, and on many pages it's hard to find the requested information behind all the distractions of any kind. At least it's possible now for people from (almost) every country around the world to get their Klaus Schulze CDs, which sometimes wasn't easy in pre-WWW times. You don't have to ask in a shoe or fish shop anymore if your CD dealer isn't able to order them :-)

Happy Birthday, KS website!
The KS Circle #228 - for free!
As an exception, this time for everyone:
The complete edition #228 of The KS Circle for all those who want to know how it looks. (The lettering in this .pdf is a bit strange though.) The printed version with better lettering but in the usual b/w print was posted to the Circle members on 27 June.

The next 'Circle' will come at the end of August.
Another reissue
Starting on 29th of January, most of Klaus Schulze's classic albums will be reissued (again), this time on the German MiG label. They will release a couple of Schulze CDs each month until the end of this year. For more info and availability please ask the dealer of your choice.
Questions about Klaus Schulze?
If you want to know something about Klaus Schulze and his music, the chance is high that the answer is given somewhere in this website. The FAQ is a good place to start with, there are many common questions answered there.

It is useless to send us mails just asking us when Klaus Schulze gives a concert in your town, in your country. The dates of any seriously planned concert by Klaus will be put immediately into this website. After his Tokyo concerts in 2010, KS has publicly announced that he will give no concerts anymore.

Of course, you can write kdm an e-mail and ask questions or make comments. But you can also read goings-on and news around Klaus Schulze and else, in a lively weblog by kdm. Yes, you can write comments and you can discuss in this blog. Please write in Englisch or German.

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This is the right place to say THANK YOU to Lennart Koschella. Without his knowledge and patience this would have not been possible.